Divisions 1 & 2 Knockout Cup 2018/19

The draw for the semi-finals of the Divisions 1 & 2 Knockout Cup is shown below.
Home teams listed on the left of each tie, all matches to be played week commencing 17th December 2018.

Semi-final Draw

Sugar Puffs v Rougham Rangers
Bury Saxons v Bury Romans

2nd Round Draw/Results

Stow Leopards 1 v 8 Rougham Rangers
Stow Jaguars 2 v 7 Bury Romans
Sugar Puffs 6 v 3 Stow Pumas
Bury Saxons 6 v 3 Bury Vikings

1st Round Draw/Results 

Stow Jaguars 5 v 4 Thurston Victors
Bury Crusaders 3 v 6 Rougham Rangers
Sugar Puffs 9 v 0 Thurston Vulcans
Stow Leopards 9 v 0 Bury Normans
Stow Pumas 5 v 4 Sugar Blades
Bury Saxons 8 v 1Thurston Spitfires
Bury Vikings 5 v 4 Stow Tigers

Bury Romans have a bye to the 2nd round.

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