Divisions 1 & 2 Knockout Cup 2016/17

This season we will be holding a knockout cup for the three player teams, using a different format to normal league matches. The format will be three players per team, with each player playing two singles and two doubles games per match.

Scorecards for these matches are available in the Information>Downloads section of the website.

The final, between British Sugar and Thurston Spitfires will be played at British Sugar on Wednesday 29th march 2017, all spectators welcome!


  British Sugar v Thurston Spitfires


Semi-Final Draw/Results:

  Thurston Spitfires 5 v 4 Thurston Vulcans

  British Sugar 9 v 0 Rougham Lions


Second round draw/results:

  Thurston Spitfires 9 v 0 Stowmarket Pumas

  British Sugar 9 v 0 Bury Vikings

  Sugar Blades 2 v 7 Rougham Lions

  Bury Romans 1 v 8 Thurston Vulcans


First round results:

  Rougham Rangers 0 v 9 Rougham Lions

  Stowmarket Tigers 0 v 9 British Sugar

  Stowmarket Leopards 0 v 9 Thurston Spitfires

  Stowmarket Pumas 8 v 1 Thurston Victors

  Stowmarket Jaguars 0 v 9 Sugar Blades

  Bury Normans 0 v 9 Bury Vikings

  Bury Crusaders 2 v 7 Thurston Vulcans

  Bury Romans receive a Bye

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