Match Report - Thurston Vulcans v Rougham Lions 19-09-2016

Thurston Vulcans 3-7 Rougham Lions

19/09/2016 - Sean Gridley

The Pride Of Rougham

In the first match of the new season Thurston Vulcans were ready to swoop down on the roaring Lions of Rougham.

In the first game of the night Thurston's Gordon Meadows took on Steve Pendle - a new member of the pride. Steve pounced quickly with strong forehand topspin proving hard to judge for Gordon and with a convincing 2-0 lead it looked as though Steve had it in the bag. Then the irrepressible Gordon produced some excellent defence that levelled at 2-2, the decider was a step too far for Gordon as Steve managed to get his claws on an early lead to win 11-4.

Next up was Sean Gridley against young cub Adam Reeve, first blood went to Sean with a comfortable win, the next two games were rather uncomfortable as Adam proved to be patient and unleashed his magnificent backhand to great effect to take a 2-1 lead. Sean then bored Adam into giving up the hunt and snatched victory from the jaws of defeat to win 3-2.

Andy Janes had then to take on the leader of the Rougham pride, Phil Sinclair, sporting his magnificent silver mane. The third five set match of the night ensued with Andy and Phil sharing the spoils evenly to 2-2. Phil then managed to get his teeth into the match and run off with the victory 3-2.

Sean wasn't looking forward to playing Steve as his consistent topspin forehand looked tricky, and it was! As Steve was rarely troubled to win in three.
Gordon played Phil and was unable to tame this lion who hunted down Gordon in three straight games. Andy found a way around Adam's attack and was able to soak up all that Adam had, taming him in three straight games.

Phil then faced Sean and roared into a lead, the encounters between these two players are normally close but Sean had no answers as Phil used his pimpled rubber to great effect to win 3-1.
Andy put up a good fight against Steve and although Andy did manage to snatch a rubber in this encounter, his defence couldn't match up to Steve's attack, for Steve to win 3-1.

In the final singles match of the night Adam finally got his teeth into a win against Gordon, in the fourth five game encounter of the night Adam took the lion's share to win 3-2.
The doubles was won by the Vulcans pairing of Andy and Sean against Phil and Adam.

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