Should the Bury League contiinue to affiliate with Table Tennis England/Lancashire CCTA?
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The Detail

Voting opens on Wed 19th August 2020, and will close on Sunday 23rd August (23:59)

Each team captain (in the 2019/20 winter league season) will get 4 votes.  This is for a team of 3 players and 1 reserve.  If you are NOT the team captain, make sure your captain knows how you wish to vote.  If you ARE the team captain, please canvas the opinion of your team members and cast the four votes per team accordingly.

If you want someone else to cast the votes on your behalf,  let me know so I can make the changes on the system and grant access.  Alternatively, I can cast the votes for you - provided you tell me how many votes you want for each option.

Each vote is also a Topic on the Forum.  This makes it possible for every Bury player to express their opinion and debate the issue prior to the vote.  The forum comments are in-lieu of a face-to-face discussion at an AGM, so if you have an opinion, say it on the Forum!

Any questions, please get in touch.

Martyn Rolling
Match Secretary
Bury & District Table Tennis League
Mobile: 07739 936 136
Voting Choices
Question Votes Cast % Of Vote
Yes - Continue the affiliation with TTE/LCCTA 34 59.65%
No - Disaffiliate with TTE and LCCTA. 20 35.09%
I don''t mind either way. 3 5.26%
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