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Should the Bury League adopt a 'point per end' scoring mechanism?
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Currently, a team gets 1 point for each game a player wins and the opposition gets 0 points.  The total points in a match will therefore always be 10.  Other leagues have adopted a different point scoring mechanism whereby the winner of a game will always get 3 points, but the loser could get 0, 1 or 2 points (based on the number of ends they win during the game).  The advantages of this scoring mechanism is that a "poor" player is still able to contribute to the overall score of their team by winning the occasional end during a game. 

During the 2020/21 season, it is unlikely we will be playing doubles matches, meaning their will be 9 individual games.  The maximum possible score under this mechanism would therefore be 27 (achieved by all three players winning all three of their games).  However, the losing team could still end up with points varying from 0 (if all three players get beaten by 3 - 0 in all three of their games) to 18 (if all three players lose all three games 3 - 2).  Obviously it would be possible to gain any number in between.

This scoring mechanism has been used in the Bolton for a few years, and despite some early resistance, now appears to be popular.

When comparing table positions using the existing "point per game" or new "point per end" mechanism, there is very little difference and unlikely to have a significant impact to those teams being promoted or relegated.

This question is on the forum to add you comments/views and an on-line vote will be done in two weeks to decide whether the Bury league remain with the current scoring mechanism, or adopt this new "point per end" system instead.

Any questions, please get in touch.

Voting Choices
Question Votes Cast % Of Vote
Yes - move to a ''point per end' scoring mechanism 39 68.42%
No - stay with a ''point per game' mechanism 15 26.32%
I don''t mind either way 3 5.26%
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