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Each match card can have a player of the match selected.

The player can be selected by the administrator entering the score, based on a selection marked on the match card, if your league supports this; or

The administrator can select a player based on their opinion of the match result, when this happens the computer automatically makes a suggestion for player of the match based on the following calculation:

  • Sets For
    (the number of sets the player wins in the whole match)
  • if tied on the above, then by the least games against
    (the number of games (ends, rubbers) against, in the whole match)
  • if tied on the above, then by the biggest points difference
    (the difference in the number of points for and against, in the whole match)
  • if tied on the above, then by the most games for
    (the number of games (ends, rubbers) for, in the whole match)

Note: Doubles matches are not counted in these calculations.

Player of the match > Winter League 2018-19 > Division 1
Player Team Played
Barry Elliott Carlton Club A 10
Jacob Reilly-Cooper Prestwich TTC B 10
Gabriel Wilding Prestwich TTC A 9
Anthony Bates Flixton Cricket Club 8
Howard Whewell Ramsbottom Town A 6
Brett Haslam Burning Desire 6
Ian Quinn Carlton Club A 5
Ron Durose Little Lever - Hilton A 5
Jordan Potts Flixton Cricket Club 5
Graham Jeffries Radcliffe Cricket Club 4
Tony Worthington Flixton Cricket Club 4
Dennis Collier Little Lever - Hilton A 3
Ryan Choong Ramsbottom Town A 3
Daniel Olsberg Maccabi A 3
David Poytress Seedfield A 3
Sandy Choong Ramsbottom Town B 3
Stuart Horn Burning Desire 3
Robert Bent Carlton Club B 2
Sam Wells Maccabi A 2
Brian Hallsworth Prestwich TTC A 2
Martin Wyatt Ramsbottom Town A 2
Keith Deaville Flixton Cricket Club 2
Sam Kershner Maccabi B 2
Toby Ellis Little Lever - Hilton A 2
Lindsey Reynolds Ramsbottom Town B 2
Khamal Hussain Ramsbottom Town A 2
Dean Clyne Maccabi A 2
Benjamin Armstrong Burning Desire 2
Derek Watmough Carlton Club B 2
Peter Mears Seedfield A 2
Jim Chadwick Radcliffe Cricket Club 2
Graham Daniels Elton Vale SC ELPM A 2
Naz Ahmed Prestwich TTC B 2
Stephen Barber Little Lever - Hilton A 2
Lukasz Serdiuk Burning Desire 2
Gary Newton Carlton Club A 2
Mandy Holt Ramsbottom Town B 1
Miles Benjamin Prestwich TTC B 1
Annie Hudson Radcliffe Cricket Club 1
Philip Riley Little Lever - Hilton A 1
Andrew Hamilton Seedfield B 1
Keith Dale Carlton Club A 1
Michael Moir Ramsbottom Town A 1
Michael Dore Radcliffe Cricket Club 1
Brian Clements Ramsbottom Town A 1
Sophie Newton Carlton Club A 1
Megan Gidney Ramsbottom Town B 1
Mark Ramsbottom Ramsbottom Town A 1
Andrew Jackson Ramsbottom Town A 1
Andrea Harrison Ramsbottom Town B 1
Steve Hathaway Prestwich TTC B 1
Amirul Hussain Ramsbottom Town A 1
John Potts Flixton Cricket Club 1
John Hope Radcliffe Cricket Club 1
Andrew Tarpey Prestwich TTC B 1
Rebecca Morris Ramsbottom Town B 1
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