Player Handicaps for Dwyer CUp (Quarter Finals)

(W/C 10th Feb 2020)

Below are the player handicaps for the quarter final round of the Dwyer Cup due to be played during w/c 10th February.  I apologise for how late they have been published.  If you need additional handicaps for other players, drop me a line or give me a call.  If any of the handicaps look wrong, PLEASE let me know.  It is entirely possible I have made a mistake in the spreadsheet!!  (I corrected a few entries for players who have stepped up to teams in higher divisions.  The corrections were done on 9th Feb 2020 @ 20:12)

These matches are being played in the same week as the various Divisional cups (MacDonald, Poytress, Pressman and Hilton).  If you are still in both competitions, please get in touch if you have issues organising the fixtures.  If you need to postpone one of the games for a week or so, that's fine.

Please send a photo of the completed cards to me via email, WhatsApp or Messenger - these matches cannot be entered using TT365.

Any questions, please get in touch.

Martyn Rolling
Match Secretary
Bury & District Table Tennis League
Mobile: 07739 936 136

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