DIVISIONAL Cup Handicaps - Round 1

Below is a link to a PDF file with the player handicaps for the first round of the Divisional Cups.  These games should be played during week commencing 14th January 2019. 

Divisional Cup Handicaps Round 1

If you feel the handicaps are way out, then please drop me a line.  I cannot promise to change them, but I will take a look.  Calculating the handicaps is particularly difficult this year for the following reasons;

  • the player's percentage wins for last year are no longer available
  • the Table Tennis 365 rankings cannot be relied on as this is the first year Bury has used TT365 so data is limited. 
  • the tables used to lookup the handicaps are still based on a 5 division league, whereas we now only have four divisions

As a consequence, the only data we have available are the results for the current season.  Obviously, the more games that are played, the more representative the percentage wins figure will become.  Please bear with me for this season.  Next season we can use a different method, and will have more data to use making the handicaps more representative.

Please remember that the results have to be sent to me as they cannot be entered on the TT365 website.  You can email, WhatsApp or Text/MMS the cards to me once you have taken a photo.  Thanks for your cooperation.

Good luck to you all. 


Martyn Rolling
Match Secretary
Bury & District Table Tennis League
Email: matchsecretary@burytt.co.uk
Mobile: 07739 936 136
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