Team Honours

The Warwick Bridge Trophy for division 1 winners has been awarded 51 times since 1966 to 12 different teams: Mapledene A (13); Maldon Wanderers A (11); Fambridge A (7); Burnham SC A (4); Cold Norton A (4); East Hanningfield A (4); Mid-Essex Transport A (3); CNSM A (1); Latchingdon A (1); Fambridge B (1); Maldon A (1); Maldon B (1).

The Gordon Tunbridge Trophy for division 2 winners has been awarded 50 times since 1967 to 31 different teams. The team to have won this trophy the most is Maldon C who have lifted it 5 times. Mayland A,  Stow Maries A,  Stow Maries B,  Woodham A,  Woodham B have each won the trophy 3 times.

The Division Three Trophy has been awarded 46 times since 1971 to 32 different teams. Woodham E has won it the most (4 times) and Fambridge B, Stow Maries C and Woodham D have all won it 3 times.

The Bernard Cook Trophy for division 4 winners has not been awarded since 1996 when division 4 was subsumed into division 3 due to lack of teams. However, starting in 1979 it was awarded 18 times. Boulton Paul B, Maldon Wanderers D and Bradwell E all won it twice. It would be nice if one day we had reason to award this trophy again and if we all continue to promote our game maybe one day we will!

The Robin Tucker Trophy for division 5 winners was awarded for the eleven years between 1981 and 1991. East Hanningfield D have been the only team to win it more than once - in 1981 and 1990. Will this cup ever be awarded again? Will the league ever have any team from East Hanningfield again?

The Division Six Trophy. Say What!? Burnham Table Tennis League once had 6 divisions? Indeed it did. For one year only in 1990-91. The trophy was won by mighty Maldon H. Truly the undisputed champions of this division.

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