BURNHAM CLOSED TOURNAMENT March 17th and 18th 2018

Finals night held Thursday 22nd March.


ENTRY FORM: BTTL Individual Championships Entry Form 2017_18.doc


NEW EMAIL ADDRESS FOR ENTRIES alandadswell@outlook.com please ignore the email address printed on the forms in your handbooks.

The final closing date for entries will be February 12th but we would appreciate your entries arriving as soon as possible.

If everyone follows our quick guide to tournament etiquette then the event should run to schedule.

  1. Notify the control table upon your arrival.
  2. Arrive promptly at your appointed table when your name is called, tables will be numbered 1 to 8.
  3. Collect and return score sheets promptly from/to control table (inquest into the reason you lost can wait).
  4. The loser in knockout stages is expected to umpire next match.
  5. Let the control table know if you are leaving the hall at any time if you are still involved in any events.
  6. Please do not stand in front of or around the control table as the personnel on the control table need to have good vision to all tables at all times.
  7. It would be very much appreciated if you remember that running a tournament is a big task and no one at the control table needs the task made more difficult by continually being asked questions especially “when am I playing next”

We hope to see as many people as possible at the tournament this year, our aim is to get as much table tennis for as many people as possible so where we can events will involve group stages and for the mens and womens singles events on the Sunday we hope to have time to run a mixed plate event for those who do not move on from the initial group stage.

Good luck to everyone who enters but most of all we hope you have a great time.


Alan Dadswell

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