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The last round from the British League Premier Division of 2016 concluded this weekend with some unexpected results. Ormesby walked away without a win for second time this season after drawing against BATTS meaning Drumchapel have been able to solidify their position at the top of the table.

Drumchapels last match of the year followed suit with how the rest of their season has gone so far by winning 7-1 when playing away against Fusion.

He Zhi Wen won both his matches continuing his undefeated first half of the season. The club only dropped one point when Calum Main was defeated in straight sets when playing Lorestas Trumpauskas.

Calum then went onto to secure a victory over Mohammed Emran Hussain who was only able to win one set and the club then went onto win the rest of their matches 3-0.

This final victory of the year paired with Ormesby’s draw has placed Drumchapel firmly at the top of the table with 11 points.

Fusion had a tough last match of the year with Lorestas Trumpauskas taking away their only win of the day in an impressive straight set match against Calum Main (13-11, 11-2 & 11-4).

The rest of the team lost in straight sets against their opponents other than Mohammed Emran Hussain winning one match against Calum Main. This has left the club 4th in the table with 4 points as the season comes to a close for 2016.

Ormesby had a disappointing weekend when they were only able to draw 4-4 against BATTS increasing the gap between them and Drumchapel.

Daniel Reed was the clubs star player of the weekend winning both of his matches with his match against French International, Paul Lavergne, being won in straight sets.

Joseph Langham-Ferreira had an unfortunate first match of the season losing both of his matches in straight sets against Helshan Weerasinghe and Adam Nutland.

This draw means the club remain just shy of the top spot in the league at this mid-point of the season.

BATTS will finish the season with two wins, two draws and one loss after drawing against Ormesby this weekend.

Michael Tauber was man of the match after winning both of his matches against Darius Knight and Filip Szymanski. Tauber opened up by beating Filip Szymanski in straight sets and had a 5 set battle against Darius Knight which went down to the line in each set up until the 5th (11-8, 13-11, 10-12, 11-13 &11-5). This match puts BATTS 3rd on the table and two points clear of 4th place Fusion.

Hosting North Ayrshire this weekend was Cardiff City and with only one point separating the two clubs it was all to play for with some inevitable tight games to come from the weekend.

Having not played since the second round Moises Alvarez Garcia was welcomed back to the league and did not disappoint with two huge wins against Sean Doherty and Richard Main. Ashley Robinson took home man of the match after his impressive victories overs Christopher Main and Richard Main. Daniel O’Connell and Dean Cundy both won one match each helping to secure a 6-2 win for the club.

Despite the 6-2 ending score North Ayrshire put in a good performance against Cardiff City with some close games going to 5 sets.

Colin Dalgleish was in excellent form securing the only two wins for the club by winning both his matches against Dean Cundy and Daniel O’Connell. At the end of round 6 the two clubs have reversed places on the table with Cardiff City in 5th and North Ayrshire in 6th.

The Premier Division of the British League kick starts in 2017 on January 17th with Halton v Ormesby, North Ayrshire v BATTS and Fusion v Cardiff City. Drumchapel will have the first round out of the season which will close the gap between them and Ormesby on the table. Catch up with any of the action from the weekend by heaidng over the the British League Facebook and Twitter pages.




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