End of Round 5 - Play-Offs

BATTS ensured their status as a Premier British League side after a nervous 4-4 draw with Rotherham Scorpions.

BATTS needed a draw to secure promotion, and did so by the skin as the teeth as they grafted their way to a point against a determined Rotherham side who came so close to sealing an unlikely trip to the promise land themselves. 

Once again, youngster Ethan Walsh stole the show with two vital wins in a weekend that reasserted his undoubted potential for the years ahead.

As expected, there was little to split the two teams as results went back and forth. Two wins courtesy of the excellent Mark Short over Jack Bennett and Luke Walsh had been cancelled out by wins apiece for Bennett and Ethan Walsh, who had defeated Stephen Horsfield and Jack Grant respectively in five. In the end, Ethan's victory was particularly significant as he saved two match points. Had he not, Rotherham would have gone up.

Jordan Wykes put BATTS in the lead with victory over Richard Smith in a victory that moved BATTS just one point off promotion. However they couldn't get over the line easily as Grant defeated Luke Walsh 3-0 to level the match again.

It was down to youngster Ethan and Wykes to secure promotion, with the former doing so with a superb 3-1 win over Smith, whilst Horsfield's victory over Wykes in the fifth ending the match in stalemate.

Cardiff ended the weekend uneaten after they thrashed Greenhouse 7-1. Already promoted, Cardiff showed no signs of complacency as they cruised to another victory, with two wins apiece for Wiktor Dzwonkowski and Paddy Thomas securing unbeaten weekends for each other.

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