Interview - Tom Jarvis

Amongst a siege of young stars embracing the RAF Cosford hall, it would be easy to get lost in the crowd.

However, that isn’t such a problem for Tom Jarvis, one of, if not the, shining light in Wolverhampton this weekend.

He is regarded as one of the brightest British prospects in recent years, and it’s not difficult to see why.

He spearheads an Ormesby side oozing talent, and alongside Scottish hotshot Chris Wheeler and local lad Joshua Harland, they have a side regarded as one of the favourites in the competition.

Despite the fact any side would love to have him, Jarvis revealed he is thrilled to be wearing Ormesby teal.

“It’s an honour to play for a club like Ormesby. It is a great club that is going for three titles this season and I really hope that we can secure all three.”

He may be young, but Jarvis has a clear vision of where he anticipates his path to finish decades down the line.

“The ultimate goal is to become an Olympian.

“I’m training hard and going to Grantham four or five times a week. I’ve been going to training camps in Germany too which is really helping my game.

“Things are going well which was proved by me playing in the European Top 10. There’s the possibility of the next European’s being played in England and it would be great to get a medal.”

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