Senior League 

Item 1  Team affiliation fees £10.00 

Item 2a  Senior Player affiliation fee £8.00

Item 2b  Junior Player affiliation fee £4.00 

Item 3  Non-playing affiliation fee £1.00 

Table Tennis England Senior Fee £14.00

Table Tennis England Junior Fee £7.00

Junior League 

Item 4 Team affiliation fee £5.00 

Item 5 Player affiliation fee £5.00 

Summer League 

Item 6 Team entry fee £10.00 

Item 7 Player registration fee £1.00 



Item 8  Non-representation at a General Meeting £10.00 

Item 9  Ineligible players £10.00 

Item 10  Late submission of score-sheet £5.00 

Item 11  Failure to notify Registration Secretary of postponement 

or date of re-arranged match £5.00 

Item 12  Failure to provide/accept dates for re-arranged matches 

or notify Registration Secretary within period specified £5.00 

Item 13 Failure to notify Registration Secretary of reason for un

finished match, or to provide/accept dates for match 

within period specified £5.00 

Item 14  Failure to notify Registration Secretary of completion 

date within period specified £5.00 

Item 15 Conceding a walkover £10.00 

Item 16 Late return of perpetual trophy (per trophy) £10.00 

Gilbert Belsten Memorial Cup 

Item 17 Failure to offer/accept dates for matches, and/or 

late submission of score-sheet £5.00 

Morley C Mordecai Memorial Handicap 

Item 18 Late submission of score-sheet £5.00 

Item 19 Failure to give 48 hours notice of inability to play tie £5.00 

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