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Handicap Groups, Fixtures + Rules 2018-19


 Group 1Group 2Group 3Group 4
1 Sydenham "E" Sydenham "D" Sydenham "A" Saints (Stoke)
2 Ashcott Remnants Huntspill "A" Wells TT  Ashcott Acorns
3 BJTTC All Stars Cheddar Ashcott Aces Bye
4 Sydenham "F" Sydenham "C" Moorlynch P P  Sydenham "B"
5 Whiff Whaffs Ashcott Ringers Ashcott Falcons Stockland Tigers
6 Huntspill "D" Paddle Swingers Spaxton

 BJTTC Coyotes 


Week CommencingFeb 25thMarch 4thMarch 11thMarch 18thMarch 25th


Because each group consists of 5 or 6 teams, it doesn't leave any spare weeks unless you have a bye, therefor the committee would ask that all games are played during the scheduled week, if not the game may be awarded to the non-postponed team and every Handicap match must be completed by Friday 29th March.

The quarter final will be played week beginning 1st April 2018

The Semi-finals will be played week beginning 8th April 2018

The Final will be played on Tuesday 16th April 2018, venue to be confirmed.


All matches to be played on home team's home night, unless otherwise informed.

Please note there are a few 7.00pm starts.

Player's League Team Registration does not apply for this Handicap Tournament.

Players may play for only one Team for the duration of the Handicap Tournament.

The matches will consist of 9 singles, each of two games, one point awarded for each game won.

So 18 points available for each match.

Two points will be awarded to the winning team of each match, one point to each Team in the event of a drawn match.

The top 2 teams in each group will go through to the Quarter Finals.

If Teams are tied on points, then the winner of the matches of the Teams concerned will go through.

If this does not separate the Teams, then the difference between matches won & lost will decide.

Finally the difference between games won & lost will decide.

At the quarter final stage onwards only, if the score is tied at 9-9, then one game of doubles will be played to decide the winner using the mean handicap of the 2 players. (Rounded Down).

At the Quarter Final stage onwards, the match will stop when one Team has won 10 games.

All games will start from the Handicaps published.

Team Captains can agree before the start of a match to 'net off' the Handicaps, for example that 2 players with +7 & +12 can start at 0 & +5. Please note this decision always favours the worst handicap player.

Each Player will have five serves each, except for the Player starting the game, who will have the remaining serves after netting off the handicaps of both Players. Please see attached "Ready Reckoner" for starting point.

Games are won as soon as a Player reaches 21, no deuce points to be played.

Any Player not shown on the list needing a Handicap should contact Mark Duddridge (01278) 456827, giving 3 days notice.

All result cards should be sent immediately after the match to:-

Mark Duddridge, 64 Taunton Toad, Bridgwater, TA6 6AF.

Also continue to email pictures of scorecards to Jim ( and James (




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