Summer League Preview

Brentwood Table Tennis League Summer Preview

A quick update for all fellow table tennis players.

The inaugural summer league kicks off tonight with 15 teams having signed up for the short summer bash and, with so many teams supporting this new venture for the Brentwood league, its hoped that this will be the first of many such summer competitions in the years to follow.

Having 15 teams entered, was a very good response to the call from organising Secretary Matt Brown. This naturally split into 3 divisions of 5 teams, which works out to a 4 match series and a splendid sharpener for the full 2016/17 season to come. So its a case of dusting off bats that have laid idle for several months in some cases (my own included) with an interesting 4-5 weeks of competitive combat to look forward to.

Having taken a quick peek at the list of teams and players entered, it looks like a very well structured league and of very high standard too. In the 1st division, Writtle “A” look a pretty potent force with the personnel entered. In the 2nd division, Billericay “A” look very strong on paper and will be a tough outfit to beat. In Division 3, things look a little more wide open with several teams having a good case to win the division. Time will tell if any of those predictions come to pass.

So, Its a big thank you for the organisers who again have worked tirelessly to get this off the ground. These things just don’t happen without people who are prepared to do the ground work. Also a thank you for everybody that’s taken the time to form a team and take part. Lets give ourselves a collective part on the back as, without the commitment from the players, we would not have enough teams to run the event.

I will no doubt meet some of you across the table in the next few weeks; let battle commence!

By Rick Paris

Brentwood Team

Div 2

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