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Updated in 2008 and 2017.  See paragraphs at end of each section.

When the league set up its own website, it was suggested that it should include a league history.  This is the result.  

Once I set about the task it was clear that a single narrative might get a bit long and unwieldy, so I’ve broken it down into separate sections on the league, the individual championships and a club-by-club section plus a section of miscellaneous league records.  The main pieces all go back to 1970, my first year in the league.  In addition the league’s founder Harry Warde has contributed a piece on the league’s first years.

I have also included the retrospective on the nineties that appeared in the Braintree and Witham Times in December 1999.  Similar pieces on the seventies and eighties can be found in the league scrapbook that was published to celebrate the golden jubilee in 1998 (of which I still have some copies, now free of charge, if anyone would like one. Click here to request a copy.)

The club-by-club section is restricted to clubs of some longevity.  With the exception of Rayne and Netts, where the material is taken from their websites, and Liberal, which was provided by Peter Byford, the information has been taken from my records and scrapbooks.  It should be regarded as a work in progress and I will be happy to consider any additions or amendments that clubs would like to offer.


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