These rules are issued by the Bradford

& District Table Tennis Association and

contain amendments up to and including

the SGM on 3rd September 2018



All enquiries regarding these rules should

be addressed to the Honorary Secretary

whose name and address are printed in the









1.         This amalgamation of Clubs shall be called the "BRADFORD & DISTRICT TABLE TENNIS ASSOCIATION".




2.         The objects of the Association are the furtherance and promotion of Table Tennis.


(a)        The income and property of the Association to be devoted to its stated objects.


(b)       No member of the Association to receive payment for his/her services as a member.




3.         The Association may comprise of one or more Divisions.  The number of teams in each Division shall be decided by the Management Committee.


Application for Membership.


4.         The application form for membership must state full particulars of the Club's Headquarters, name and address of secretary, and the fixed match night for each team entered.  New Clubs shall be allocated to the lowest Division, unless, in the opinion of the Management committee, their playing strength merits their being placed in a higher Division.


Resignation from Membership


5.         Clubs desirous of resigning during the playing season but failing to do so by April 30th of each year, shall forfeit their guarantee Deposit.


Expulsion from Membership


6.         (a)        At the Annual or General Meeting, a majority of the Clubs present may exclude from membership any Club whose conduct has in their opinion been objectionable.


(b)        The Management committee shall have the right without calling a General Meeting, to fine, suspend or expel any Club, team or player whose conduct has been in their opinion objectionable.



7.         All clubs will be affiliated to the TTE and YTTA.  The Annual subscription for each team entered shall be £70, although this may be varied from time to time at the absolute discretion of the Management Committee.  Player registration fees required by the TTE must be paid by each club either direct to the TTE or via this Association, in line with current practice.  The team registration fee shall include entry to all events of the Bradford Closed Championship.


8.         Rule Recinded - no longer valid


9.         Team subscriptions shall be remitted to the Association Treasurer, together with entry forms, not later than the first day of August prior to the winter season each year.  Entry forms and subscriptions received after that date will, if accepted, be subject to an additional fee of £20.  Once membership has been accepted, subscriptions will not be refunded under any circumstances.


10.       All monies pertaining to the Association shall be deposited in the name of the Bradford & District Table Tennis Association.  The Signatures of any two of the following: Chairman, Hon. Treasurer or Hon. Secretary, shall be necessary before a withdrawal is effected.  The Bank Pass Book or Statement shall be made up and placed before the Management committee, together with a certificate of balance, and an interim statement of accounts, at least every six months.  A financial statement shall be submitted at each Annual General Meeting.





11.       The Management of the Association shall be vested in a Management Committee, which shall consist of the President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Asst. Secretary, Hon. Match Secretary, Hon. Assistant Match Secretary, Hon. Inter-League Secretary, Coaching Secretary, Social Financial Secretary, Development Officer, Tournament Secretary and five members.  The Management Committee shall have power to co-opt additional members with or without power to vote.  Any four members to form a quorum.


12.       If any member of the Management Committee (with the exception of the President) is absent without reasonable cause from three consecutive meetings, he or she may be requested to resign. Should any officer or member of the Management Committee relinquish his or her office during the year, the Management Committee shall have power to fill the vacancy.


13.       In all matters before the Management Committee concerning a club in which a member of the Committee is interested as an Official or Member, such member may be asked to retire from the meeting during the discussion, until a decision is arrived at.


14.       The Management Committee shall hear, discuss and decide all protests, and conduct the business of the Association.  The decision of the Management shall in all cases be final except in cases of player discipline subject to Y.T.T.A. or T.T.E. confirmationThe Management Committee shall have power to control the Association Competition, Challenge Cup Competitions, Association Closed Championships, City of Bradford Open Championships, Inter-League and Exhibition Matches, and promote and manage any other Competition which may be found desirable or expedient in the interests of the Association.


16.       The Chairman and Secretary shall be empowered to act in cases of emergency and decisions shall be given subject to confirmation at the next meeting of the Management Committee.


17.       The Association Secretary will give information and advice, but this will not be considered binding on the Committee.  Circulars will be issued at regular intervals.  These circulars are official and are binding on all Clubs.






Nominations and Election of Officers


18.       Members attending the Annual General Meeting shall elect Officers for the ensuing season to serve on the Management committee.  Nominations for election of Officers shall be sent in writing to the Hon. Secretary not later than May 1st in each year.


Alterations to Rules


19.     (a)        No amendment or alteration to the Association Rules shall be made except at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting (see Rule 22) and any amendment or alteration must be supported by a majority of the votes cast by the club representatives and elected members of the Management Committee.


          (b)        Proposed alteration for submission to the Annual General Meeting must reach the Association Secretary not later than the 31st March each year.


          (c)        Clubs to be circulated with proposed alterations not later than 15th April each year.


          (d)        Amendments to proposed alterations must reach the Association Secretary not later than 30th April each year.


          (e)        At a Special General Meeting involving alterations to Rules, Clubs will be circulated with proposals and closing dates for amendments.


Annual and Special General Meetings


20.       The Association’s Financial Year end shall be April 30th and the Annual General Meeting shall be held on or before June 30th.  The notice convening the Annual General Meeting, together with a copy of the Agenda and Minutes of the previous A.G.M., proposed Alterations to Rules and Statement of Accounts shall be forwarded to Clubs at least seven days before the date of the meeting.


21.       At the Annual or General Meeting each Club represented shall be entitled to one vote only.  Only such representatives shall be entitled to vote who have signed the attendance register.  No clubs shall be entitled to vote at the Annual or General Meetings if their subscriptions or fines be unpaid.  In addition, each elected member of the Management Committee shall be entitled to one vote


22.       On receipt of a requisition signed by 50% of the Clubs, the secretary shall call a General Meeting.  The Management may  arrange General Meetings as and when required.


23.       A Club failing to be represented at a Management Committee Meeting when so required shall be fined the sum of £1.  Any Club failing to be represented at the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting shall be liable to a fine of £20.


Players’ Registration


24.          (a)          A club shall register not less than three players for each team entered, not later than the first day of August prior to the winter season.  Player details shall be forwarded to the Association Treasurer together with team subscription fees.


(b)                  Player registration documents, with fees where appropriate, shall be forwarded to the Association Treasurer to arrive no later than the date of the Special General Meeting held prior to the winter season.  Where players have been registered direct with TTE, the registration documents must include the appropriate TTE reference number.  All players must be affiliated to TTE as a player member.  Any outstanding fines, and any additional documentation required by BDTTA, YTTA or TTE shall also be forwarded to the Association Treasurer within the same timescale.


(c)                     Failure to comply with the requirements outlined in (a) and (b) above may result in a deduction of up to twenty points from each team representing the offending club in the forthcoming season, at the discretion of the Management Committee.


25.       Official registration forms must be obtained from the Hon. Match Secretary.  The Management Committee may decline the registration of any players without assigning a reason for their action.  Only bonafide members of a club are eligible for registration.  Any player reported to the Management Committee by his or her club for non-payment of subscriptions may be suspended and debarred from playing with any affiliated club.  It shall be the duty of Club Secretaries to submit to the Association Treasurer an official registration form completed with details of each player wishing to register and signed by the Club Secretary.


            A player shall not be deemed registered until all the required information and fees have been received by the Association Treasurer.  Non-registered members of affiliated clubs are eligible to compete in Open Championships providing he or she is directly affiliated to the T.T.E. or I.T.T.F, but only registered players of the Association may compete in the Association Closed Championships.


26.       No player shall be registered prior to the first day of August, and no player shall be registered or transferred after the 31st December in any season without the permission of the Management Committee.  Unless renewed, registration automatically lapses on the day prior to the start of the new winter season each year.  Players wishing to compete for an alternative club during any summer league competition administered by the Association may be separately registered in this respect. 


A player in any competition must play a minimum number of  4 matches for their results to qualify; and must be registered to play by the Club by 31 December.  Exceptions to this are those playing in the first rounds of the Burton Cup and Tony Theobould Trophy and any subject to Rule 26


27.       Any club found guilty of playing an ineligible player shall be reported to the Management committee who may award the match to their opponents, and/or fine or suspend the club, team or player, at their discretion.


Transfer of Players


28.       No registered player of an Association Club shall transfer his or her service to another Association Club without the written consent of the Club for which he or she is registered, such consent to be forwarded with the application for transfer and new registration form to the Hon. Match Secretary.


29.       The Management Committee shall be empowered to register or transfer a player notwithstanding the absence of written consent, in all cases where it appears to them that such consent is arbitrarily withheld.  No player is eligible to play for a new club until permission has been given by the Hon. Match Secretary.


30.       Any club, or member, or representative of any club, inducing or attempting to induce an Association player to join another club, shall be deemed guilty of misconduct and may be expelled or otherwise penalised as the Management Committee may decide.


Match Procedure


31.       All matches shall be played under T.T.E. and I.T.T.F. regulations and the current Laws of Table Tennis for International Competitions except where specifically provided for in these rules or as agreed for a limited period at the Annual of any General Meeting of the Association.  Any such deviation from the official regulations and laws to be advised to the TTE together with the reasons for the decision..


32.               Teams competing in the Association Competition shall consist of three players, each of whom will play each member of the opposing team a set, the best of three games.  A set of doubles will also be played, the match comprising a total of ten sets.  Any two of each team may constitute the pair to play the doubles set.  Two points will be awarded to the team winning most sets but only one point to each team in the event of a draw.  In addition, each team will be awarded one point for each set won.  The opposing captains shall simultaneously exchange lists of players before the commencement of the match.  Subject to any re-arrangement mutually agreed upon, the order of play (A.B.C being the home team) shall be:- A vX, B v Y, C v Z, B v X, A v Z, C v Y, B v Z, C v X, A v Y; and one doubles set.  All matches must be played to a finish.


33.     a)         All matches must be played on the scheduled date except in the following                    circumstances:


i)       Permission to change has been given by the Hon. Match Secretary in which case the team concerned must notify their opponents at least 2 days before the scheduled date.  Such permission will only be given in extenuating circumstances and in all cases clubs shall abide by the decision of the Hon. Match Secretary.


ii)      Clubs having players serving on Management Committee or playing in representative matches may re-arrange matches where the player is so engaged on the scheduled date.  The Hon. Match Secretary and the opposing team must be notified at least 2 days before the scheduled date.


iii)     Matches scheduled to be played on a public holiday can be re-arranged.  The team requesting the change must notify the Hon. Match Secretary and the opposing team at least 2 days before the scheduled date.


iv)      Matches prevented from being played, for any reason beyond the control of the teams concerned, can be re-arranged.  The Hon. Match Secretary must be informed by the home team no later than the day following the scheduled date.


v)       Any match may be played ahead of the scheduled date, or on any other night in the scheduled week if both teams are in full agreement.  The Hon. Match Secretary must be notified by the team requesting the change at least 2 days before the scheduled date.



(vi)       At the absolute discretion of the Match Secretary, any team conceding a match without good and proper cause shall be subject to a fine of £10 and shall be subject to a points deduction of 50% of the points available for the match in question.  Their opponents shall be awarded the maximum points available from the match.


b)         A re-arranged match must be played preferably within two weeks and within a maximum of three weeks, no exceptions. Any match not played within that timescale will be awarded to the away side, unless at least 2 clear dates have been offered by the home side and none have been accepted, in which case the match will be awarded to the home side.


c)         No league fixtures can be played before the first Monday not later than the last Friday of the season.


d)         Normal match nights must not be Saturday or Sunday, but approved re-arrangements can be played on these days if both teams are in full agreement.


e)         Any club failing to abide by any of the terms of this rule will forfeit the points.


f)         Where a club has more than one team in any one division, all matches between such teams must be played no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled last day of the season .  All such fixtures scheduled after that date must be brought forward.  If any match between teams from the same club is forfeited, neither side shall be awarded any points or sets.


34.       Any Club entering more than one team in the Association Competition must register their three strongest players in the first team, their next three strongest in the second team, and so on.  Any player joining a Club after their initial registrations have been submitted shall be registered for the team most suited to his playing strength. 


The Management Committee shall have the power to refuse the registration of any player where his playing strength warrants his playing for a higher team.  No player shall be allowed to play for a lower team than the one for which he or she is registered, but may play for a higher team as reserve, but having played a total of seven matches with a higher team or teams in Association League matches other than the one for which he or she is registered, shall then only be eligible to play for the highest team played for during these seven matches.


Where a reserve player plays in a higher division and fails to score a point (loses all 3 singles and does not play the doubles or if playing doubles the pair loses), this match will not count towards the seven..


Any Club wishing to relegate a player or players to a lower team must apply to the Management Committee for permission to do so.  No player shall be eligible to play for two teams in one night.


35.       Matches shall start not later than 7.30pm.  In the event of a match not starting by 7.30pm the team in default shall forfeit the match to their opponents, except where there are extenuating circumstances, to be decided by the Management Committee under rule 41.  Visiting teams must conform to the hours of play of the Home team, should there be any restrictions as regards closing time.  If a player under 16 is involved, such players will be entitled to play outside the normal order (see Rule 32) in order to facilitate an early finish.


36.       Unless previously agreed with the opposing team non-attendance of a player or players by 8.15pm shall entail the loss of his/her sets unless a reserve be played, in which case he/she shall play throughout the match.  Non attendance of the second player in either team by 7:45pm shall result in his/her first set being forfeited.  Non attendance of the third player in either team by 8:00pm shall result in his/her first set being forfeited.


A Club shall be fined £5 for two players short, and in the event of non-attendance of all 3 players an additional fine of £10 will be imposed unless the opposing team have been notified by noon on the day of the match.


37.       Any player leaving before he or she has finished his or her games, shall forfeit his or her unplayed sets.  Sets conceded by player/s during a match shall count against them in the averages (to qualify for inclusion in the League averages each season, a player must have played 66% of possible matches and have gained an average of 50% or above) and the player/s conceding their sets shall not be eligible to play in a set of doubles in the match.


38.       The scorers for each set shall be agreed upon mutually, and scoring shall be undertaken alternately by a member of the visiting and home teams.  In case of a dispute as to who should score, the visiting Captain must have the choice.


39.       The Home Club is responsible for posting the result on the addressed Score Card provided (which must state the time the match commenced), within 36 hours of the conclusion of the match.  Each Club will be supplied, free of charge, with an adequate number of Score Cards to cover each team entered in the competition and further supplies may be obtained at cost.  Results may also be submitted by email to the Match Secretary.


40.       In no circumstances may any Club, team or player enter on a Score Card the name of a player who did not take part in the match.  In the event of any infringement of this rule, the Management Committee shall have the power to suspend or expel such Club, team or player from the Association.  Each person playing in the match must personally sign the scorecard in the space provided and in the presence of a member of the opposing team.


Protests and Appeals


41.       Protests and Appeals relating to any violation of the Laws of the Games, or the Rules of the Association, shall be lodged by the protesting Club with the Association Secretary within 7 clear days (including Sunday) after playing the match in respect of which the protest or complaint arises, accompanied by a deposit of £5 which shall be forfeited if the protest or complaint is not justified.  A full copy of the protest shall also be sent to the Secretary of the Club protested against at the same time that the protest is sent to the Association Secretary.  All protests should be made out fully, stating the Rule(s) under which they are made.


Promotion and Relegation


42.       At the end of the season the team having the greatest number of points in each Division shall be declared the Champion team of the Division.  The top teams in each Division other than the first division, shall exchange places with the teams placed lowest in the Division above them.  There shall be no limit to the number of teams promoted or relegated if circumstances warrant.  If any teams are equal on points at the season’s end the best sets average shall determine the position.  Only if the top two teams in any division have identical sets average will a play-off be deemed necessary.  In the event of a draw a further doubles shall be played with a different doubles pairing.


a)         Any sets won or lost in a play-off situation will not count towards a players end of season average.


b)         The number of teams to be promoted and relegated at the end of each season shall be at the discretion of the Management Committee, taking into account the number of teams in each division and shall be advised to clubs at the SGM prior to the commencement of each season.


43.       The record of any Club or Team which may resign or be expelled from the Association during the season shall be expunged, and all teams having scored points against them shall have the same deducted.  Where a Club or team resigns or is expelled during the second half of the season they shall not be replaced by another Club or team.


Exhibition Matches


44.       Any player selected to represent the Association in an Inter-League or Exhibition Match and (without good and sufficient cause) refuses to comply with the arrangements of the Management Committee for playing in such a match, may be adjudged by the Management Committee to be guilty of misconduct, and any Club or Official who may be deemed to have encouraged or instigated such player to commit a breach of the instructions or Rules, shall be dealt with by the Management Committee.


45.       The Management Committee shall, if necessary appoint one of its members to officiate as Controller of Exhibitions.  When promoters of Exhibitions take either (a) Gate Money, or (b) a Collection, the Management Committee shall be empowered to take a levy, either (a) a percentage of the gate money, or (b) a donation to the Association Funds, and shall notify them accordingly, prior to the Exhibition taking place.  In all cases where funds are obtained from this source, the travelling expenses of the players taking part shall be paid,  Players must give a written receipt for such expenses paid to them, giving details of amounts incurred.  No player or club shall promote or take part in any Local Tournament other than Club Competitions unless it has been sanctioned by the Management Committee.


Playing Facilities


46.       Accommodation, tables and lighting for Competition or other Association matches must be provided and maintained to the satisfaction of the Management Committee who may elect a sub-committee to visit and inspect club rooms prior to the acceptance of membership into the Association Competition.


47.       (a)        The Table


            The table shall be in surface rectangular, 9ft in length, 5ft in width, it shall be supported in such a way that its upper surface shall be 2ft 6 ins. above the floor, and shall lie in a horizontal position.  It shall be made of any material and shall yield a uniform bounce of not less than 8 ins. and not more than 9 ins. when a standard ball is dropped from a height of 12 ins. above its surface.  The upper surface of the table shall be termed the “playing surface”; it shall be non-reflecting, of a dark colour, with a white line ¾ ins. broad along each edge.  The lines at the 5 ft edges or ends of the playing surface shall be termed “end lines”.  The lines at the 9 ft edges or sides of the playing surface shall be termed “side lines”.








            (b)        The Net and Its Supports


The playing surface shall be divided into two courts of equal size by a net running parallel to the end lines and 4 ft 6 ins from each.  The net with its suspension shall be 6 ft in length; its upper part along its whole length shall be 6 ins. above the playing surface; its lower part along the whole length shall be close to the playing surface.  The net shall be attached at each end to an upright post 6 ins. high; the outside limits of each post shall be 6 ins. outside the side line on the same side.


(c)                The Ball


            The ball shall be spherical.  It shall be made of celluloid Polymer, white or yellow but not brightly reflecting; it shall be 40mm in diameter; it shall be 2.70 grammes in weight.


Note: As a result of a directive by the T.T.E. on the use of the yellow ball this Association now gives approval that this particular ball may be used in League matches and directs that the Home Team has the choice of which particular colour ball will be used in matches.

The same colour ball must be used throughout the whole match.


Please refer to the T.T.E. website for any amendments to suitable Balls


(d)               Dress


In all League and Cup matches, Tournaments, and matches controlled by the Association, players are prohibited from wearing white or light coloured clothes that might, in the opinion of the duly appointed umpire or referee, tend to unsight an opponent.


(e)                The Bat


No player shall change his/her bat during a set, unless it is damaged beyond use, to the satisfaction of his/her opponent.


48.       Any ball sanctioned by the T.T.E  may be used in Association matches. The ball to be used in Inter-League matches and Tournaments shall be decided by the Management Committee.


Suggested Standard Playing Conditions


(a)                Playing Space


The playing space should not be less than 28 ft by 13 ft for each table and the table should be placed lengthways in the middle thereof.  It should be free from all obstructions, and in particular from moving spectators and from spectators sitting behind the players.


(b)               Floor


The floor should be firm and even and should not be unduly slippery.  The best floor surface is wood, smooth but not slippery.


(c)                Lighting


The lighting should be equal in respect of strength, equal distribution (especially back from the table) and absence of dazzle to that provided by three fairly new 150 watt pearl electric lamps, drawn opposite the middle of the table, one over the net, one 5 ft 6 ins. on either side of it, at a height of 10 ft reflected downwards and shaded.  There should be no unshaded lights beyond the ends of or alongside the playing space likely to reflect on to the table or otherwise to unsight the players and no illuminated light background or object behind the players.


Change of Headquarters, Secretary, etc.


49.       It shall be the responsibility of any Club changing its Secretary, Headquarters, Match Night, or the Secretary changing his or her address, to notify the Association Secretary and Match Secretary in writing.  The Match Secretary will advise the Club concerned as to any further action to be taken.  Failure to comply within three days may entail a fine of £5.




50.       All Clubs or players receiving Championship or Challenge Cups of the Association do so on the following conditions:-


(a)        That the Cups cannot be won outright.


(b)        The winning Club or player must sign a guarantee drafted by the Committee, to be handed over when the trophy is received.


(c)        In the event of any Club becoming defunct whilst holding an Association trophy, the trophy shall be immediately returned to the Association Secretary.


(d)        All trophies shall be returned to the Association Secretary on or before March 1st in each year, except for tournament trophies which shall be returned one month before the date of the competition.  The Secretary of the club will be held responsible for the return of all trophies.  Failure to return by due date will incur a fine of £20.


51.       Medals or some suitable tokens shall be awarded to teams winning the Championship of their Division.


Infringement of Rules


52.       Any Club infringing the rules shall be liable to such fine or other penalty as the Management Committee may decide to impose.


53.       The Management Committee shall decide any questions not provided for in the rules, and their decision shall be final.


Bradford Junior Teams


54.       Bradford Junior team(s) may be added to any division as appropriate, and each team will consist of juniors registered with teams in lower divisions than the Junior team concerned.  The junior’s registered team has preference over the representative team.  Points played for to count in the make-up of the league positions but the Junior team does not qualify for promotion or relegation.  These teams to play every other team in the division once only.


55.       Rule deleted.


56.       In the event of the winding up of the Association any assets remaining shall become property of the Yorkshire Table Tennis Association.


Challenge Cup and Trophy Competitions


1.         The entire control and management of these competitions shall be vested in the Management Committee.


2.         Clubs having teams in division 1 must enter one team in the Montague Burton Cup Competition.  They may enter more than one team should they so desire.  Clubs having teams in division 2 and below have the option of entering teams from these divisions if they so wish. In addition to this Competition, clubs having teams in Division 2 and below may enter such teams in the Tony Theobald Trophy Competition.  The Match Secretary shall be informed of the number of teams to be entered, (a) in the Challenge Cup competition and, (b) in the Tony Theobald Trophy competition.  This must be done before the commencement of the season.  All players taking part must register in accordance with the Rules of the Association.


3.         The names of the teams shall be drawn as the Management Committee shall determine in pairs at a time.  These pairs shall compete with each other and the winning teams shall be placed in a lot, drawn in pairs, and compete as in the first tie, and so on, until the final tie is played.  These Rules shall apply to both Competitions.  All teams shall be included at the commencement of each competition, and byes may be drawn, if required, to equalise the number.


4.         Each Club shall be notified immediately after the draw of each Competition the names of their opponents, the venue, and the time within which the tie must be played.


5.         The team who are first drawn in the ballots shall be the home team, except in the final tie of both Competitions.  The latter shall be played on neutral tables, unless otherwise mutually agreed and confirmed by the Management Committee who shall appoint the neutral table at their discretion.


6.         The Home Team shall be responsible for arranging the tie, giving their opponents the choice of two clear dates.


(a)        Teams competing in the Challenge Cup competition shall consist of three players each of  whom shall play each member of the opposing team a set - the best of five games.  The team winning most sets shall be the winning team.  No doubles will be played.  A minimum of six sets shall be played.


(b)        Teams competing in the Tony Theobald Trophy Competition shall consist of three players, each of whom shall play each member of the opposing team four games only finishing when one player reaches 11 points.  The game shall be deemed to be won on points tally, and a handicap system shall apply.  In the event of a tie on points tally, one set of doubles shall be played – consisting of four games.  This set shall also be deemed to be won by total points scored.  The handicaps for each doubles pairing shall be added together and divided by three, and then divided by two.  In the event of the doubles set also being tied, further doubles sets shall be played using different combinations of players and subject to the same handicap calculation.  After three doubles, if the scores are still level, the match will be decided by the toss of a coin.


7.         In the Tony Theobald Competition, a handicap system shall apply. The Match Secretary shall allocate a handicap to each player based on the previous season’s playing average and the division competed in.  The Management Committee will have the right to allocate an arbitrary handicap for any new player, and to amend any allocated handicap during the season, based on performance to date during that season.  To determine the winning team, each team shall add the points tally of the three players together.  Any handicap which may be applicable shall be added accordingly, and the team with the most points after this has been added shall be deemed to be the winner.  In the event of a tie, one or more sets of doubles, as set out in Rule 6b above shall apply.  These sets shall also be won on points tally only.


(a)      Teams may, by mutual consent agree to end the match if one team is so far ahead on points that further play is of no consequence to a result.  No score will be required for unplayed set(s).


8.         The proceeds of gate money and collections taken at the semi-final and final ties shall be paid into the Association funds.


9.         All questions of eligibility of players, teams, in the Tony Theobald Trophy competition conditions of match play, advising of results and protests shall be governed by the Rules of the Association.


10.       deleted


11.       All players must be registered members of the Association.  Players must be registered at least 14 days prior to the draw of any round after the first round in order to be eligible to play.  No players may play in a cup/trophy match for a lower team than the one for which they are registered in the league, and no player may play for more than one team in the cup/trophy competition unless sanction is first obtained from the Hon. Match Secretary.  Such sanction will only be given where the Hon. Match Secretary is satisfied that a regular team member is unable to play due to circumstances beyond his/her control.


12.       The Association will award suitable tokens (three in number) to the teams winning the Cup and Trophy competitions, and also to the runners-up in both competitions.


13.       The Management Committee shall have power to disqualify any Club or team for playing an ineligible player, or for any other breach of the Rules, and award the tie to their opponents.


14.               Semi-finals and finals in both Competitions shall commence at 7.30 p.m. unless otherwise stated by the Management Committee.  Failure to start on time, teams in default shall be fined the sum of £5.




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