Rule Proposals 2018

There were no proposals from Clubs this year. The following Committee proposals it is hoped will hopefully iron out one or two problems. Some stem from the May Committee Meeting.

That changes be made to the League Set Up Rule 12 (c)
(i) Any player may play for another team in their own squad providing that the team is higher in the league tables and the player’s % average of their own division is less than the third placed player for the team in the divisional averages. After the first fixture week, one player only may be used from a different club or squad providing they are assigned to a team in a lower division and there are five teams between them in the league tables. They can only represent the one team in any one fixture.

Background: It had been rumoured that a team had borrowed a player when their own team members were available. Teams should not be borrowing good players in their own division from other squads. Also, it is thought that borrrowing in the first fixture week when the tables are not set is not desirable.

(ii) Any player achieving an average of 80% or over in the previous season and remaining in the same division are excluded from assisting other teams.

Background: Very good players who are staying in a division well below their capabilities can find themselves in demand to swing results. One player has expressed the awkwardness of this situation when you assist one, but can't another as you have something else on. It can give the impression of favouritism.

(iii) The bottom six teams in the league may use any player from any lower ranked team. any team in the bottom six.

Background: It had been pointed out that the existing rule was discriminating against a team that say found itself in the bottom two places. They would be fined for having a player missing and did not have the same facility to find a replacement from another squad.

That Cup Competition Rule 5 be amended as follows:

5. The first two rounds of the Warburton Cup are to be played in two sections. The entries shall be placed in rank order by the Committee and divided into two sections. Each set of a cup match will consist of 4 games. The total points from the four games will be entered on the scorecard. The total points from the 9 sets together with the handicap shall determine the result.

All cup competitions are handicapped. The handicaps are calculated by the Hon. Match Secretary in advance as follows:

• The number of places that separate the drawn teams (discounting any teams that are immediately above or below drawn teams on the same number of points) multiplied by 7

• To this figure add 30.5 Subject to a maximum handicap of 301.5 9

When this calculation is made it is on the understanding that each team has played the same number of league games. If a team is a fixture down for any reason, fifteen points will be added to their league points for each match short and their position adjusted within their division before the handicap is calculated.

For two teams on scratch, the away team will be awarded a handicap of 0.5 for the avoidance of a draw, scratch being defined as both teams being on the same number of points in the same division.

Add the Provisional National Rankings together for both teams and subtract one team's total from the other. Divide by 10 and add 0.5. Add this score to the lower ranked team.

Background: It had been suggested in Committee that it would be better if the handicap reflected the ability of the team that turned up on the night rather than the team positions in the tables. Therefore if a team had to send a weaker team their handicap would go down. A team producing it's best players would have a higher handicap to overcome. We looked at the Bury system, but thought that we would start from scratch. Statistical info. to be produced.

Roy Caswell, General Secretary of the Bolton & District Table Tennis League

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