Table Tennis Newsletter September 2018

Cup Draw: This has been done and you will find them on the tt365 site on the 'Cup Comps' tab above.

Complete draw for subsequent rounds:

16 teams: 14v6, 8v9, 2v11, 4v16, 13v12, 7v5, 15v10, 3v1

8 teams: 2v7, 6v4, 1v8, 5v3

4 teams: 3v2, 4v1

New Cup Handicap Rules: Unless you have been hibernating, you will now know there is a new trial handicap system no longer based on your league position but on the quality of the team you field. So, in theory, your weakest team should have the same chance as your strongest. Since we do not know who will be playing, you will have to work this out yourselves. At the weekend, the provisional rankings will be sorted into alphabetical order and placed in a file under the "Cup Comps" tab for ease of access. Add your three players together. Take one team's total from the other. Divide by 10. Round up and add 0.5.

This has been based on a mathematical study of last year's match cards and may not be perfect. If roughly an equal number of handicapped and none-handicapped teams win then OK. If not, then tweaks will be needed for next year. So, treat this year of a test. We know handicaps are always correct for those who win and for those who lose, it's a duff system.

Members and non-members: Use the online team checker in the tt365 menu. It will tell you immediately if your player is eligible or not before you play. Don't believe anyone who says they have renewed. They may have false memory syndrome. Any problems, I can switch anyone straight away as long as you remember you owe me £16.

Results Entry: This has been set up as follows:

Every Secretary has been given the permission for their own team.
Every Committee Member has been given permission for any team in their own squad.
Any Club Secretary has been given permission for all their club teams.

Any player can be set up to enter a match card for any team. Email me.
Please use the system. It has been a long time coming:

Here is a very short video to show those new to results entry how simple it is:

Cup & League Matches Double Up: Sometimes you find that you have been drawn in a cup with a team for which you have a league match coming up. Why not agree to play them both at the same time? Fill in two separate match cards. If a set is won in three, play one more for the cup card. If a set goes to five use the first four for the cup card. Then you get a spare night. Tell me and I will do the provisional rankings alphabetical list.

The usual reminder to watch your language: Gratuitous bad or homophobic language is not acceptable during play in matches under the jurisdiction of the Bolton & District Table Tennis League. As we have said before, if you are six blokes who know each other very well in private, then no-one wants to spoil your repartee.

If you are in a public place where you can be overheard, then there should be no bad language of any kind. From a Committee point of view, the only way this can be eliminated is if players report it. The player may get a warning first time or a fixed suspension. However, a continuation will result in a more permanent ban. Report within 7 days of the match stating who said what to whom. Apologies for preaching to the converted.

Roy Caswell, General Secretary of the Bolton & District Table Tennis League

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