Table Tennis Newsletter November 2017

Divisional Cups Matches: The handicaps have been added to the website. If you looked a couple of weeks ago and memorised your handicap, please note that these were only preliminary in case we had not got all the match cards in. They may have changed. You can check them alongside the adjusted tables.

Please look under the Cups Comp heading at the top.

Individual Divisional Championships: It was decided to bring these forward and close the end of the first half of the season with them. So, those intending to enter need to be getting their forms in.

Please note that John will be doing these alongside his Match Secretary duties and has stipulated that on no account can anyone just turn up on the night and expect to play. You must have entered by completing the form or emailing him.

There is no money to pay as all were paid for under team registration. You can use the form in the handbook or download one from the Div and Closed Champs heading or here:

Please note the restrictive conditions that apply to which division you may enter. Also, if you do not turn up to collect your prize on Finals & Presentation Night, you will forfeit your prize.

Rules Help: If a team needs a player from a lower team then the safest way is to choose a player from a lower division. Problems can arise where the two teams are in the same division. The temptation is to play your best player into the higher team to help out. However, please remember that the player who plays up has to have a % average less than the third placed player in the higher team in the league tables. So very often this will not be your best player or even your next best.

If you make a mistake, you are given the option to forfeit or have the player permanently moved up.

Also, remember that if a player comes from a different club team then there must be five teams in between you in the league tables and you are only allowed one of these.

New Hilton Initiative to Introduce Less Experienced Players to Competitive Table Tennis: These will be held once a month on the last Saturday of January, February, March, April.

Click here for the complete poster.

Roy Caswell, General Secretary of the Bolton & District Table Tennis League

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