Minutes of the extra Committee meeting held on Thursday March 10th at 7.30pm at the Hilton Centre

This was an unscheduled meeting that had to be called due to a problem that arose one week after the scheduled Committee meeting had taken place. A decision would have to be made by the  Committee in order to move things on.

Present: Messrs. Bradshaw, Bertrand, Caswell, Haslam, Scowcroft, Mrs Scowcroft & Mrs Smart

Apologies for absence: Messrs. Bolton, Brown & D Scowcroft

This refers to the George Yates quarter final Cup match between Ramsbottom ‘D’ and Farnworth SC ‘B’. Correspondence between the two teams in the form of texts had been circulated along with emails from Farnworth to the Match and General Secretaries.

It was agreed that Ramsbottom were mainly at fault in the first place, since knowing well in advance that their A team and D team were drawn at home on the same night they should have made every effort to provide alternatives during cup week itself. Instead they waited leaving Farnworth in the dark and offered two dates after cup week. Under normal circumstances, this would have been sufficient to have got the match completed. However, Farnworth then had an obstructive problem of their own. Their best player had refused due to health problems to play more than one match a week. It was asked at this point why they could not have played him in the cup match and rested him in the league match, as they had another player signed on and two more squad teams beneath them. The answer was not known but it was assumed that they wanted to play their strongest team in both.

It was then proposed that neither team be in the quarter final allowing Bolton TTC to go straight through to the semi-finals. However, before this could be voted on the discussion took another direction. After a long discussion of all the points, it was proposed, seconded and agreed that both teams be directed turn up at the Hilton Centre on Monday 21st March at 7.30pm and play the match under the original handicap, the result being determined by the match or whoever failed to turn up.

They will then need to make arrangements to play the semi-finals before the cup final week and there are two weeks available to do this during the Individual Divisional Championship week and the Closed Championship week.


Another slight problem had arisen in that Hilton ‘H’ had been playing away to St. Paul’s Peel B. The Hilton ‘H’ third player had arrived late at 8.45pm having got lost on his first visit to the club. St Paul’s Peel had refused to let him play. The Secretary of Hilton ‘H’ had enquired off the Match Secretary as to whether they would be fined for the fact they had a player missing. However, in the course of the emails it transpired that the match was still in progress when the player arrived. Our rules state that as long as the match can continue, providing that there were two players were there at 8.15pm then a third player may be absent.  As this appeared to be the case, the St. Paul’s Peel were in the wrong to refuse the player to play. It was agreed that the three matches that the player was prevented from playing should be awarded to Hilton ‘H’.

Footnote: Farnworth B made an appeal to the Lancashire Association re the above decision and won. So they now go through to the semi-final. A transcript of the decision is here.

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