Minutes of the extra meeting called for 7pm on the 10th March 2017 at the Hilton Centre.

Present: Messrs. Bradshaw, Caswell, Chauhan, D Scowcroft (in the chair), J Scowcroft & Mrs Smart.

Apologies for absence: Messrs: Barker, Bolton & Mrs Barker. Mr Rothwell was involved with one of the clubs.

The meeting had been called in response to the events re a Warburton Cup match between N***** B v F******** SC A.

On the night the General Secretary received a phone call from the Secretary of the Hilton Centre stating that there had been loud bangs as if someone was banging or throwing their bat. She was concerned for the tables and floors of the Hilton Centre. The away team had since left without completing the match and there had been a number of arguments.

The following day a complaint was received from the away team about how the match was conducted. Two of the home players were involved in another Bury League match and were doubling up. Although the away team Secretary had arranged to be 20 minutes late another away player was also late. The away team Secretary’s expectation was that the match should follow the match card order as far as possible as the match progressed since it was a cup match. Tension had increased leading to an acrimonious conclusion.

The complaint together with responses of the opposing team members and witnesses were copious and had been circulated to Committee members.

The decisions of the Committee were as follows:

The away team were mainly at fault for getting the match off to a bad start and the arguments that followed were to be deplored as bad sportsmanship. However, the majority of the Committee did feel that perhaps one player being involved in another match could be accommodated, but two players involved in another match while taking part in a cup match was pushing it somewhat and should be discouraged.

It was decided that the two teams should be provided with five dates of which they will each choose three when they could field a team. The Committee would then set the date for the match to be played under supervision and under the same original handicap.

Breaking of the Code of Conduct: It was decided that the alleged throwing of the bat by I*** L****** of F******** SC A which the last time had hit the opponent on the leg had been a major breach of the code of conduct. Since neither team captain had made much of this and apparently apologies had been made, no action apart from a written warning would be taken. However, should anything like this come to the attention of the Committee again then a ban would follow. To a lesser extent the retaliatory response from his opponent could also be construed to be a breach of the code of conduct and this would be taken account in any future match circumstances.

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