2016 Fines

Fines Record 2017/2018



3Farnworth SC D Cheque03/10/2017£3Missing Player (Rule 20)
2Farnworth SC B03/10/2017£3Missing Player (Rule 20)
3Albany04/10/2017£3Missing Player (Rule 20)
3Hilton G Paid BACs
11/10/2017£3Missing Player (Rule 20)
3Albany12/10/2017£3Missing Player (Rule 20)
3Polonia B22/11/2017
£3Missing Player (Rule 20)
PRadcliffe CC01/12/2017£3Missing Player (Rule 20)
Warb. CupGlodwick08/12/2017£12No show; no prior notice
PFlixton B
08/01/2018£3Missing Player (Rule 20)
3Hilton H15/01/2018£3Missing Player (Rule 20)
1Farnworth SC A24/01/2018£3Missing Player (Rule 20)
2Polonia A 07/02/2018£3 Late Card (Rule 17)
Ladybridge A13/02/2018£12Failing to Attend Fixture (Rule 20)
3Irlam Steel SC14/02/2018£6Missing Player (Rule 20) (2 Players)
2Farnworth SC C13/02/2018£3Missing Player (Rule 20)
2St. Pauls Peel15/02/2018£12Failing to Attend Fixture (Rule 20)
1Farnworth SC A05/02/2018 £3Late Card (Rule 17)
PLadybridge A12/02/2018£12Failing to Attend Fixture (Rule 20)


Strike through team eg TEAM denotes fines paid.

Pay by BACs Sort Code: 16-00-06 Account: 10779751

Pay by cheque payable to Bolton Table Tennis League. Send to Mrs F Barker, 57 Partington Lane, Swinton, Salford, Greater Manchester M27 5SR

Pay by PayPal. 50p postage equivalent will be added to total to cover PayPal fees.

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