Warburton Cup Round 1; Top Section w/c 22nd October


  Home Team
 H'cap Away Team
 H'cap Result
1Radcliffe CC Bye  
2Wingates Bye  
3Hilton C Bye  
4Farnworth SC A Bye  
5Coburg Bye  
6Burning Desire Bye 
7Wharton Bye

8Heaton CC A Bye  
9Ladybridge A Bye  
10Little Lever CC A Bye

11Polonia Club A Bye  
12Meadow Ben A Bye  
13Wigan TTC Bye  
14Little Lever B Bye  
15Hilton B Bye  
16Hilton D Bye  


Warburton Cup Round 1; Lower Section; w/c 22nd October


(1 - 8 in this section to be renumbered 9 - 16 after first round ready for merging the round after)

  Home Team
 H'cap Away Team
 H'cap Result
1Bolton TTC Bye  
2Farnworth SC D Bye  
3Heaton CC B Bye  
4Ladybridge B Bye  
5Hilton H Bye  
6Farnworth SC C Hilton Top Spinners 
7Brasszone Hilton F

8St Pauls Peel Farnworth SC B  
9Meadow Ben B Polonia Club B 
10Hilton G Meadow Ben D  
11Ladybridge C Bye  
12Hilton E Bye  
13Albany Bye  
14Meadow Ben C Bye  
15Polonia Club C Bye  
16Hilton I* Bye  


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