Div Cup Final Brain Gittins


 H'cap Team
 H'cap Result
 1Heaton  Cricket Club A259.5Ramsbottom Town A 397.5 - 396

Div Cup; Semi-finals w/c March 18th to be played alongside league matches

  Home team
 H'cap Away team
 H'cap Result
 1Wigan TTC Heaton CC A154.5382 - 452.5
 2Flixton CC A2.5Ramsbottom A 306 -360

Brian Gittins Div. Cup; Round 3 W/C 18 Feb


  Home team
 H'cap Away team
 H'cap Result
 1Ramsbottom A Polonia Club A196.5399  - 397.5
 2Heaton CC A141.5Radcliffe CC 373.5 - 369
 3Ladybridge A Wigan TTC3.5337 - 352.5
 4Farnworth SC A Flixton CC A Walk over

Brian Gittins Div. Cup; Round 2 W/C 17 Dec


  Home team
 H'cap Away team
 H'cap Result
 1Ladybridge A24.5Wharton 351.5 -31?
 2Rambsottom A Burning Desire100.5386 - 337.5
 3Flixton CC A Little Lever A Walk over
 4Hilton B Radcliffe CC Walk over
 5Farnworth SC A Wingates Walk over
 6Hilton A Heaton CC A 397 - 453.5
 7Polonia Club A107.5Hilton D  One man team? 426.5 - 108
 8Wigan TTC Meadow Ben A50.5377 - 351.5

 Brian Gittins Div. Cup Round 1 w/c 12th November

  Home team H'Cap Away team H'Cap Result
 1Meadow Ben A Bye  
 2Flixton CC A Bye  
 3Wigan TTC Bye  
 4Hilton B Bye  
 5Heaton CC A Bye  
 6Wharton Bye  
 7Hilton A Little Lever CC B129.5394 - 374.5
 8Ramsbottom A Coburg136.1398 - 323.5
 9Hilton C91.5Burning Desire 363.5 - 365
 10Hilton D Bye 
 11Little Lever A Bye 
 12Wingates Bye  
13Farnworth SC A Bye  
 14Ladybridge A Bye  
 15Polonia Club A Bye  
 16Radcliffe CC Bye  


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