Rule Proposals for season 2016/2017

The Committee - Reword League Set Up Rule 11 as follows:

The various Divisions of the league shall be decided as follow: In each match the total number of points to be played for by a team shall be nine a maximum of 27. A team will be awarded points equal to the number of sets ends won. In the event of a tie at the end of the season the record of match wins will decide. A further tie on match wins will be decided by a play off. This Rule will apply to both Championship and Runners-up positions in every division.

Passed 27 for 2 against

The Committee - That the second sentence of League Set Up 12 (b) be deleted:

(b) Clubs with more than one team shall enter each team separately stating the players for each team. No player from that team will be able to play fro a lower ranked team than the one for which they are signed on. Further signings will be to a specific team in the club.

Passed unanimously

The Committee - Re word League Set Up Rule 12 (c) for greater clarity:

(c)  The step up rules are as follows:

   (i) Any player may play for another team in their own squad providing that the team is higher in the league tables and the player’s % average is less than the third placed player for the team in the divisional averages. One player only may be used from a different team or squad providing there are five teams between them in the league tables and can only represent the one team in any one fixture. The bottom six teams in the league may use any player from any lower ranked team.

  (ii) Any player may assist any higher team in the league tables providing there are at least five teams that separate the two teams. Only one type of this substitute is allowed and they may only represent the one team in any one fixture. The bottom six teams in the league may use any player from any lower ranked team.

Passed unanimously

The Committee - Delete from Cup Competitions Rule 5:

For the first round of all cup competitions, the handicap is based on the final league tables of the previous season with new teams being estimated by comparison with their current league position.

Passed unanimously

The Committee for general discussion - Add to Warburton Cup, page 9:

The first three rounds are to be played in two sections. The entries shall be placed in rank order by the Committee and divided into two sections.

Passed unanimously

The Committee - Cup Rule 6 on page 10 to be reworded as follows:

6. All cup ties are to be played on the home night of the home team. If this is shared with another team then whichever team has to change must offer another date convenient dates to their opponents as far as possible within that cup week. Failing that, it must be played by the next cup round. The Match Secretary must be informed of the new arrangements by the home team. All cup finals should be played at a neutral venue, if requested by one of the teams.

Derek Watmough – in general

Just been looking at the rules and I find their is no Health and Safety within in playing at venues, we all know the playing sizes set by ETTA and Lancashire and if they do not meet that required size a player should be able to do a self risk assessment on the spot and if he or she feels that he or she could get injured they should have the right not to play and they should also not loos there games it's up to the home club to make it a safe playing area within the rules that also includes lighting ,slippery floors, damp and condensation. look forward to your reply.

Discussed by the Committee

All local league play is governed by, “Table Tennis England – Laws & Bi-laws of Table Tennis 2015/2016. Was -The ETTA approved laws of table tennis.” There is no mention of room playing sizes, just table sizes. The room size is set by our own local rules – Venues, Page 8 of the handbook as is the lighting requirement. It is the opinion of the Committee that additional wording of the type suggested would lead to matches being claimed on subjective criteria and a common sense approach should be used to avoid claims and counter claims. They do not appear in other league rules for those very reasons.

It should also be noted that we are all insured by Table Tennis England.

No-one was willing to second so discussion did not take place.

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