Minutes of the BTTL AGM held at 7.30pm at the Hilton Centre on Thursday 15th June 2017

All clubs were represented apart from Boyzone, Burning Desire, Heaton CC, Irlam Steel, Polonia Club, Radcliffe CC, Ramsbottom CC, Ramsbottom Town TTC, St Paul’s Peel, & Walkden Methodists.

Minutes of the last meeting: Faizan Bhura now says that the Albert Howcroft Trophy had been found in his attic. However, he has already paid for a replacement.

Chairman’s Report: It had been a challenging start to the season to set the league up with the large reduction in teams. We had opted for too slightly smaller bottom divisions and a slightly shorter season. However, to go back to full divisions, we may need to look at the league structure this time. There could be teams that were expecting promotion who do not get it or teams apparently thinking they were safe finding themselves in a lower division.
Thanks are to be given to John Barker the new Match Secretary for also stepping in to run the tournaments. A vote of thanks was given to both the Match Secretary and General Secretary for the administration of the league.
A general discussion took place of methods of encouraging new teams to take part in the league.

Treasurer’s Report: Most items of income and expenditure are comparable with last year. We have not made as bad a loss this year as in previous years. The ‘Expenses and administration’ appeared to show a remarkably low amount compared to last year. This is because the General Secretary had already stocked up the previous year with items such as stamps etc. Also, an amount of reprographic expenditure had accidentally been lumped in with the handbook fees. This should have really been shown as separate.

Rule Proposals: Discussion and voting took place. There was a long discussion on the two proposals from Farnworth A. In the end although it was decided not to amend the rules it was pointed out that if any team, particularly in later rounds of cup matches, had problems with players playing in other teams, then they should make every attempt to re-arrange the cup match so that it could proceed smoothly.

Election of Officers and Committee: The existing officials excluding treasurer were re-elected en-bloc. It was proposed by the Committee that Fiona Barker be the new treasurer. There were no further nominations and Fiona was duly elected.

The existing Committee members were re-elected apart from Roger Bertrand who appeared to have resigned under Administration & Management Rule 2 Paragraph 6. In addition Paul Tatlock from Little Lever was elected.

AOB: The Match Secretary said he would be working away but could still administrate with the help of all the Match Card helpers. It was reinforced that those Committee members who had been granted permission to enter match cards should not finalise them.
He also pointed out that the Tournaments had worked out quite well. However, advance warning was given that deadlines would be strictly adhered to. Anyone applying late should expect refusal.

The Chairman of the Hilton Centre addressed the meeting. He began by naming all the members of the Hilton Committee. He then gave a vote of thanks for all the hard work done by the Bolton League Committee.

It has been possible to keep prices at the Hilton down because the number of people attending had increased. In two years the lease with Bolton Council will expire. They have been approached to renew the lease on the same basis. Fire safety has to be addressed. On normal club days everyone signs in. However, when there are cup matches this does not happen. In order to address this issue home Captains will make a list of all players and spectators attending a match so that they could all be checked off later in case of fire.

It was asked if the league would ever consider two man teams. This would have to be the subject of a proposal at a future AGM if anyone thought this desirable.

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