Minutes of the BTTL AGM held at 7.30pm at the Hilton Centre on Thursday 16th June 2016

All clubs were represented apart from Boyzone, Flixton CC, Irlam Steel, Little Lever CC, Polonia Club, Radcliffee CC, St Paul’s Peel, & Walkden Methodists.

Apologies for absence: Flixton A & B, Radcliffe CC

Minutes of the last meeting: These had been posted or circulated and were agreed with no matters arising.

Correspondence: There is a proposal to increase the table tennis England player fees by £2 for seniors and £1 for juniours.

A problem concerning P*** B******** was discussed who having developed spondylitis could not get a regular position in a Premier team yet was regarded by the Committee as being too good for Division One where he requested to play. The matter was discussed from all angles. In the end it was agreed that if on the off chance a place arose in Division one, he could play in a self-contained team not part of any squad.

Chairman’s Report: The General Secretary said it had been good season overshadowed by the last week which those that read the minutes will be aware of.

F***** B**** says that he has lost the Albert Howcroft Trophy. The feeling of the meeting was that he should pay for a new one before he plays again. This will be referred to the next Committee meeting. It was asked if anyone happened to have a photo of the cup.

Treasurer’s Report: Most items of income and expenditure are comparable with last year.
It had been proposed that the team fee be increased along with the Closed Championship fees. However, after discussion and in view of the large reserves it was decided to leave things as they are and review next year.

Rule Proposals: Discussion and voting took place.

Election of Officers and Committee: John Barker was elected Match Secretary, David Scowcroft – Chairman & David Bolton - Vice-Chairman all unopposed. The remaining Officials and Committee members were re-elected en-bloc with the addition of John Rothwell to the Committee. A vote of thanks was given to Brett Haslam who had taken over the role of Match Secretary when Ian Wheeldon left. A vote of thanks was also given to George Berry who had resigned from being Tournament Secretary. This vacancy has not been filled and at present there are no volunteers.

AOB: None


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