Warwickshire rankings 2010-11

Ian Ferguson has retained the coveted No 1 spot in the Warwickshire men's ranking list for the 2010/11 season.  The Birmingham based player who is currently competing in both the British and Belgian League, will be joined by Adrian Pilgrim and Mark Jackson in the first team.  Steve Bertie from Birmingham champions Hamstead is next on the list, with Michael Browne and Edward Lynn set to join him in the Warwickshire second team.  Browne continues to retain a high standard of performance after nearly four decades in the county list and the Smiths Wood star shows no signs of slowing down.  Lynn from the Shirley based Colebridge club had a long break from the sport, but is now back to his lightning best.  Lester Bertie joins his brother in the list, while father and son Earl and Lawrence Sweeney from Leamington are both ranked, with junior Lawrence coming in at No 11.

England No 1 Kelly Sibley from Leamington tops the women's rankings, although with her international duties she will be unavailable for the county.  Helen Turner of Smiths Wood is the highest ranked Birmingham player and she will challenge Rachel Pilgrim and Samantha Meredith for first team places.

 MEN: 1.Ian Ferguson, 2. Adrian Pilgrim, 3. Mark Jackson, 4. Steve Bertie, 5. Michael Browne, 6. Edward Lynn, 7. Matthew Outhwaite, 8. Amann Ubhi, 9. Earl Sweeney, 10. Scott Prime.

WOMEN: 1. Kelly Sibley, 2. Rachel Pilgrim, 3. Samantha Meredith, 4. Helen Turner, 5. Dawn Sagoo, 6. Charlotte Spencer, 7. Sanika Karandikar, 8. Dorothy McFarlane, 9. Holly Thompson, 10. Claire Baker.

Author: via Birmingham & District Table Tennis Association
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