Restart May 2021

To: Bexhillians TTC members and guest players

With national Covid restrictions being lifted w.e.f. Monday 17th May, I have been asked to pass on plans for another restart at the club.

Bexhillians will open on Saturday 22nd May with opening planned for Thursdays and Saturdays from that date.

Thursday sessions, commencing on Thursday 27th May, will be reserved for the completion of the Club Team Tournament which has been on hold for almost 6 months.  Matches will be played in a Covid-Controlled environment, with staggered start times, under the same conditions, including match fees, as applied last year. These conditions will be subject to change if directives from government and/or TTE necessitate.

All players are asked to notify Trevor Towner of their availability to participate in this competition.

Saturday sessions will be for practice and coaching under the same conditions as were in place before. Most specifically, tables must be booked in advance (don’t just turn up) and cash payments will not be accepted.

To book your table(s) please call 01424 215455 or email with your preferred time.   If booking by phone there is an answerphone if the call is not taken and a return phone call will be made to confirm; if by email please indicate a couple of preferred times and the time your allocated will be confirmed by return email.

Brian Busbridge

Author: via Bexhillians Table Tennis Club
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