The League's Annual General Meeting will take place at Elstow TTC, 192 Wilstead Road, Elstow MK42 9YD on Wednesday 3rd July 2019 at 8.00 pm. Please note that any nominations for Officers, Management Committee and the Hon. Auditor, which must come from a registered player or member, can be made either in writing to the Hon. General Secretary prior to, or verbally at, the Annual General Meeting. Any proposal for alterations to the League rules must be sent to him at least 21 days before the date of the AGM.

At the end of the evening the League trophies will be presented. Should you wish to collect your trophies ahead of the AGM for presentation at a club event then could you contact the Hon. Trophy Secretary, Ian Baldock, whose contact details can be found in the handbook. A few weeks before the meeting, any League rule propositions and a copy of last year’s Minutes will be circulated for review.

Please note that failure of a club to attend will result in a fine of £10 being added to their season's registration fees.

Please find below a rule proposition from the Committee for approval at the AGM.


John Alsop

Hon. General Secretary

Proposition by the Committee

“For most Competitions, in addition to personal mementos awarded to winners, an associated Perpetual Trophy will be maintained by the League to record the “Roll of Honour”. Such trophies may be held by winning teams or individuals for up to one year. It is the responsibility of the holder(s) to return Perpetual Trophies to the Trophy Secretary at least one month prior to the following Season’s event.”
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