Registrations for Season 2018-2019, closing date is 31st July 2018

This year as last year BTTL will run 3 competition formats.

1 - Prior to the seasonal break the Winter League

     (format, 3 x 3 singles and a doubles - 10 games)

2 - Post the seasonal break the Divisional Cup

     (format 6 singles and 3 doubles - 9 games)

     A BTTL rule change allows players in this cup format are allowed to play up twice.

3 - Handicap Cup a season long straight knockout with draws being made at each round


BTTL Reg A Club Form.docx      Download form to register your club with BTTL and form submission details

BTTL Reg B Team Forms.docx   Download form to register each club team

BTTL Reg C Reserve List.docx   Download optional form to register reserve players not assigned to any team

 All Becontree League players must be registered with Table Tennis England (Click on the link).

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