The Becontree Table Tennis League's, Annual General Meeting will be held at Cranston Park on the 30th May 2019 from 8pm onwards, changed from 23rd May to avoid possible EU Election.

All affiliated and non-affiliated Club Secretaries, BTTL League Officers and Honorary Life Members are invited to attend.

Any BTTL Trophies awarded during the 2017/18 season are asked to be returned on or before the AGM to Andrew Petrou (Contact 07503 958514 to arrange an alternative if need be)

Draft (MsWord) documentation for information until 1st May, then they become the formal documentation for the meeting still open for amendments but on 9th May become finalised for the meeting as PDFs. 

                                       Draft Agenda: AGM Agenda 2019.docx

                             AGM 2018 Minutes: Bec AGM 2018 minutes.docx

Below are my ideas to update BTTL's rules, I'm open to suggested changes so send any ideas direct to at my own email account (andrew.petrou @ I will tweak things ready for the AGM.

                                      Existing rules: 1. BTTL RULES (July 2014).docx (also on the main menu)

                                  List of Changes: 2. BTTL RULES (Amends List 2019).docx

         Rules and their Amendments: 3. BTTL RULES (Amendments 2019).docx

New rule if every change accepted: 4. BTTL RULES (May 2019).docx

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