Chronicle Report 23rd Mar 2017

Albert Bolhuis put in a man of the match display as his maximum, Bruce Dearling’s single game, and a win in the doubles, earned Bathford A a share of the points with Bath Invaders A in the Premier Division. Pairs from Gary Pells and Ray Hall, and a point from Simon Monks, made up Invaders’ tally as they clung on to an outside chance of a top-two finish.

Bristol Civil Service continued their rise up the table with an 8-2 success at home to Radstock Working Men’s Club A, whose points were shared by Derek Landricombe and Chris Bennett. Dave Busari starred with a treble for the hosts, and Chris Adamek and Asen Vankov chipped in with braces.

Radstock Wreckers lost by a 7-3 scoreline in Division 1 despite their visiting opponents, Chippenham C, travelling with two players. The unbeaten performance from Andy Perham and Paul Vincent leaves Chippenham in third position and with a chance of promotion.

Yatton Keynell B also picked up a 7-3 away win – against Oldfield D. Andy Purkiss took the plaudits for Yatton with a hat-trick, and Richard Terrell (2) and Jeff Flynn were also on the score sheet. Judy Taylor (2) and Mike Newton won games for the home team.

The top two teams in Division 2 met at Yatton Keynell and fought out a well contested draw. However, the host club’s C team were happiest with the result as they remain top and title favourites. Wilf Adams and Tony Payne both carded pairs for the leaders, but could not beat Dave Carter who claimed a fine maximum for second-placed Key Centre B. Matt Timpson and Mark Tanner completed the Keynsham team’s tally.

Yatton Keynell D were involved in a draw as well – away against Oldfield F, leaving the teams separated by one point and with diminishing prospects of a promotion place. Oldfield’s Lee Bailey was man of the match with a treble, which was enhanced by further points from Ian Dagger and Paul Harris. Mark Yelland and Jon Freeman both registered braces for the away team.



Premier Division

Chippenham A 6 (R. Cary 1, G. Baldwin 3, J. Clifford 1, Dbls 1) Oldfield B 4 (P. Redman 2, J. Stevens 1, N. Dagger 1)

Bristol Civil Service 8 (D. Busari 3, C. Adamek 2, A. Vankov 2, Dbls 1) Radstock Working Men’s Club A 2 (D. Landricombe 1, P. Ware 0, C. Bennett 1)

Chippenham B 7 (A. Cox 3, S. Cooper 3, A. Feltham 1) Bathford B 3 (S. Phillips 0, S. Husbands 1, S. Chen 1, Dbls 1)

Bathford A 5 (B. Dearling 1, C. Thomas 0, A. Bolhuis 3, Dbls 1) Bath Invaders A 5 (G. Pells 2, S. Monks 1, R. Hall 2)

Oldfield C 9 (D. Ashley 3, M. George 2, D. Coombe 3, Dbls 1) Oldfield A 1 (J. Wyles 1, M. Newton 0)

Yatton Keynell A 9 (J. Smith 3, N. Bird 3, S. Richardson 2, Dbls 1) Key Centre A 1 (K. Milsom 0, B. Pollard 1, G. Harbour 0)



Division 1

Ensleigh A 1 (D. Hockney 0, I. Clark 1, P. Zhang 0) Bitton 9 (A. Papier 3, M. Moore 3, F. Martin 2, Dbls 1)

Bear Flat A 2 (A. Steady 0, P. Green 2, P. Gibbs 0) Oldfield E 8 (D. Rider 3, J. Wyles 2, L. Lasrado 2, Dbls 1)

Mayfield 6 (N. Woolley 2, D. Galley 3, R. Morris 1) Bathford C 4 (R. Cole 0, C. Thomas 2, R. Gaisford 1, Dbls 1)

Radstock Wreckers 3 (D. Gamlin 1, P. Crocker 1, W. Button 1) Chippenham C 7 (A. Perham 3, P. Vincent 3, Dbls 1)

Oldfield D 3 (B. Neathey 0, J. Taylor 2, M. Newton 1) Yatton Keynell B 7 (R. Terrell 2, J. Flynn 1, A. Purkiss 3, Dbls 1)



Division 2

Chippenham D 4 (M. Entwistle 0, R. Dulanto 3, B. Williams 1) Batheaston A 6 (N. Thomas 1, P. Smith 2, D. Townsend 2, Dbls 1)

Ensleigh B 2 (O. Newton 2, R. Smith 0, D. Turner 0) Batheaston A 8 (D. Townsend 3, P. Smith 2, G. Sartain 2, Dbls 1)

Oldfield F 5 (I. Dagger 1, L. Bailey 3, P. Harris 1) Yatton Keynell D 5 (B. Sage 0, M. Yelland 2, J. Freeman 2, Dbls 1)

Bathford D 5 (M. Davis 2, E. Holding 1, J. Holding 2) Chippenham D 5 (B. Williams 2, M. Entwistle 0, R. Dulanto 2, Dbls 1)

Yatton Keynell C 5 (W. Adams 2, T. Payne 2, R. Portlock 0, Dbls 1) Key Centre B 5 (M. Timpson 1, M. Tanner 1, D. Carter 3)
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