Chronicle Report 16th Nov 2017

The first rounds of the team cup competitions were completed last week. The closest match of the three ties in the KO Cup saw Bath Invaders A defeat Oldfield B 5-4 at St John’s School, despite Paul Redman’s stand-out performance for the visitors. Only Martyn Le Butt could add a single victory to Redman’s treble whilst Julian Elsbury (2) Len Vowles (2) and Ray Hall claimed wins for the victors.

Bathford B progressed to the next round with an excellent 5-3 home win against Oldfield D, which was entirely due to the Kashdan-Brown brothers. Older brother Josh carded a fine hat-trick and Leon added a double for Bathford, with Ali Pearson (2) and Charlie Joyce replying.

In the Restricted Cup Bathford D recorded a narrow 5-4 home win against higher division Yatton Keynell C. Yatton’s Alasdair Hulbert was another player to produce a man of the match performance in a losing cause, as Russell Cole and Cal Levitt both registered pairs and Richard Wickham a single for the hosts. Wilf Adams was the other visitor on the scoresheet.

Nigel Pedley was the star player as Ensleigh B shaded an all division 2 tie with Bear Flat C 5-4. Richard Smith and Brendan Rouse added singles to Pedley’s maximum, whilst John Hunter (2) Jon Turner and Lucy Bowskill scored for the home team.

In the Handicap Cup an all premier division encounter between Oldfield B and Yatton Keynell A ended with a 5-4 win to the away team, thanks to Ray Powell’s treble and a pair from Keith Holland. Paul Redman led the home side’s response with a brace and Jim Stevens and Nigel Dagger added one win apiece.

The all division 1 tie between Oldfield E and Mayfield went the distance, but it was the hosts’ Greg Burridge who clinched the decisive fifth point. This meant that Dave Galley finished on the losing side despite a fine maximum, which was only enhanced by Reg Morris’ single win. Burridge’s double and another from Julie Taylor, plus a further win by Mike Newton, made up the victors’ tally.



KO Cup

Bathford B 5 (R. Bennett 0, L. Kashdan-Brown 2, Josh Kashdan-Brown 3) Oldfield D 3 (A. Pearson 2, L. Lasrado 0, C. Joyce 1)

Bath Invaders A 5 (R. Hall 1, J. Elsbury 2, L. Vowles 2) Oldfield B 4 (M. Le Butt 1, J. Stevens 0, P. Redman 3)



Restricted Cup

Chippenham C 9 (J. Clifford 3, P. Vincent 3, A. Perham 3) Batheaston A 0 (D. Townsend 0, G. Sartain 0, R. Cotton 0)

Bathford D 5 (R. Cole 2, C. Levitt 2, R. Wickham 1) Yatton Keynell C 4 (M. Wilkins 0, A. Hulbert 3, W. Adams 1)

Bear Flat C 4 (J. Hunter 2, J. Turner 1, L. Bowskill 1) Ensleigh B 5 (N. Pedley 3, R. Smith 1, B. Rouse 1)



Handicap Cup

Yatton Keynell D 6 (M. Yelland 2, E. Lea 1, J. Freeman 3) Bear Flat C 3 (J. Hunter 2, J. Turner 1, L. Bowskill 0)

Key Centre A 3 (K. Milsom 2, G. Harbour 0, P. Galea 1) Batheaston B 6 (P. Gentle 3, M. Henry 1, C. Sharpe 2)

Oldfield B 4 (J. Stevens 1, P. Redman 2, N. Dagger 1) Yatton Keynell A 5 (K. Holland 2, S. Eagles 0, R. Powell 3)

Ensleigh 5 A (D. Hockney 0, O. Newton 3, P. Zhang 2) Bear Flat B 3 (G. Oaten 1, T. Cahill 1, T. Floyd 1)

Radstock C 1 (P. Crocker 1, J. Hier 0, S. Moss 0) Oldfield F 8 (I. Dagger 3, L. Bailey 3, P. Harris 2)

Key Centre B 4 (C. Chapman 0, M. Timpson 2, D. Carter 2) Bathford D 5 (R. Cole 2, R. Wickham 1, Ju Kashdan-Brown 2)

Bear Flat A 7 (P. Green 2, P. Gibbs 3, A. Steady 2) Oldfield D 2 (D. Rider 0, J. Wyles 2, A. Porter 0)

Oldfield E 5 (G. Burridge 2, J. Taylor 2, M. Newton 1) Mayfield 4 (D. Galley 3, N. Woolley 0, R. Morris 1)

Oldfield C 6 (D. Ashley 2, M. George 1, D. Coombe 3) Radstock B 3 (D. Walker 2, D. Gamlin 0, P. Crocker 1)
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