Chronicle Report 19th Jan 2017

The second round of the cup competitions took place last week, although only one tie was completed in the KO Cup – which has a later completion date for the round. This saw last year’s beaten finalists Chippenham B progress with a 7-2 away victory against Radstock Working Men’s Club A, who could only manage a game each from Derek Landricombe and Chris Bennett. Andy Cox and Scott Cooper claimed a treble apiece for the victors with a single game from Alan Feltham completing their tally.

There were a number of one-sided affairs in the Restricted Cup (for First and Second Division teams) but two matches were settled by the narrowest of margins.

First Division Bathford C were thankful for a maximum from Richard Wickham as they squeezed past Second Division Oldfield F 5-4 at home – Julian Kashdan-Brown and Russell Cole were also on the score sheet. Colin Dowding (2) Ian Dagger and Lee Bailey won games for the visitors.

The Chippenham C versus Radstock Wreckers tie also ended 5-4, but this gives a false impression as Chippenham’s Mark Plowright was only able to complete the first set of his first game before retiring injured and conceding his three games. Therefore Wayne Button’s win against Phil Bevan was the only game Radstock actually won – leaving Paul Vincent unbeaten for the hosts.

As expected, the matches in the Handicap Cup were all reasonably well contested, with the tie between Oldfield C and holders Yatton Keynell B the closest of all. Home team Oldfield C won the match 5-4 thanks to a hat-trick from Bill Guibarra and a pair from Dennis Coombe. Andy Purkiss (2) Adam Dawes and Mark Terrell replied for Yatton.

Second Division Batheaston A defeated First Division Bear Flat A 5-3 away from home with Dennis Townsend and Gary Sartain both carding braces, and Pete Smith adding the fifth game. Andy Steady won two games and John Hunter a single for the home team.

First Division Ensleigh A progressed with a 6-3 home win against Second Division Yatton Keynell C.  David Hockney took the honours with a treble for the home team, whose other games were won by Ian Clark (2) and Ping Zhang. Wilf Adams (2) and Edward Lea responded for the visitors.




KO Cup

Radstock Working Men’s Club A 2 (D. Montano 0, D. Landricombe 1, C. Bennett 1) Chippenham B 7 (A. Cox 3, A. Feltham 1, S. Cooper 3)



Restricted Cup

Yatton Keynell B 9 (R. Terrell 3, A. Dawes 3, A. Purkiss 3) Yatton Keynell D 0 (J. Freeman 0, A. Delaney 0, M. Yelland 0)

Bear Flat B 0 (J. Hunter 0, K. Gammon 0, D. Naismith 0) Oldfield D 9 (G. Burridge 3, M. Newton 3, J. Taylor)

Bathford C 5 (Ju. Kashdan-Brown 1, R. Cole 1, R. Wickham 3) Oldfield F 4 (I. Dagger 1, L. Bailey 1, C. Dowding 2)

Mayfield 5 (N. Woolley 1, R. Morris 2, S. Tanner 2) Batheaston A 2 (D. Townsend 1, G. Sartain 1, P. Smith)

Batheaston B 0 (R. Cotton 0, C. Sharpe 0, P. Gentle 0) Oldfield E 9 (A. Porter 3, N. Porter 3, J. Wyles 3)

Chippenham C 5 (P. Vincent 3, P. Bevan 2, M. Plowright 0) Radstock Wreckers 4 (D. Gamlin 1, W. Button 2, P. Crocker 1)



Handicap Cup

Oldfield C 5 (D. Ashley 0, W. Guibarra 3, D. Coombe 2) Yatton Keynell B 4 (A. Dawes 1, A. Purkiss 2, M. Terrell 1)

Ensleigh A 6 (D. Hockney 3, I. Clark 2, P. Zhang 1) Yatton Keynell C 3 (W. Adams 2, E. Lea 1, M. Wilkins 0)

Bath Invaders A 7 (S. Monks 2, R. Hall 3, G. Pells 2) Oldfield F 2 (L. Bailey 0, I. Dagger 0, C. Dowding 2)

Oldfield E 7 (A. Porter 2, N. Porter 2, D. Rider 3) Bitton 2 (M. Moore 0, F. Martin 1, C. Toft 1)

Bathford B 6 (S. Phillips 2, L. Kashdan-Brown 2, S. Husbands 2) Batheaston B 3 (R. Cotton 1, C. Sharpe 2, M. Henry 0)

Bear Flat A 3 (P. Gibbs 0, J. Hunter 1, A. Steady 2) Batheaston A 5 (D. Townsend 2, P. Smith 1, G. Sartain 2)
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