Chronicle Report 17th Mar 2016

Premier Division leaders Chippenham A got back to winning ways, although they had to work hard to beat Bathford A 6-4 at Langley Burrell. Man of the match was Bathford’s Albert Bolhuis who recorded an excellent maximum, but this was only supplemented by a single win from Ray Bennett. Garry Baldwin (2) Terry Baldwin (2) and John Clifford won games for the leaders.

Chippenham B outdid their club-mates with an 8-2 home success against two-man Oldfield A, whose points came from Bob Hindle and Alan Champneys. Andy Cox and Scott Cooper both carded trebles for the victors, who are still in the hunt for the runners-up spot.

Bathford C fielded a complete reserve team in their away fixture with Batheaston A in Division 1. However, their opponents could only field two-players which enabled them to register a 6-4 win. Bath Junior champion Leon Kashdan-Brown’s hat-trick determined the result for Bathford, whilst Dennis Townsend and Richard Cotton replied with a brace each for the hosts.

Ensleigh were also understrength as they went down 7-3 at home to Frys, with Ping Zhang (2) and David Hockney picking up their points. Chris Toft won both his games for Frys, for whom Fred Martin also claimed a win.

In Division Two, Oldfield E beat lowly Batheaston B 7-3 at Monkton Combe, with Keith Walter and Lee Bailey both carding maximums. Phil Gentle, Chris Sharpe, and Mel Henry won a game apiece for the visitors.

Bathford D had a comfortable 8-2 win at home to Key Centre B with Leon Kashdan-Brown and Russell Cole both recording trebles. Dave Carter beat Julian Kashdan-Brown to earn the away team’s only singles point, to go with their doubles success.



Premier Division

Chippenham B 8 (A. Cox 3, P. Bevan 1, S. Cooper 3, Dbls 1) Oldfield A 2 (R. Hindle 1, A. Champneys 1)

Chippenham A 6 (J. Clifford 1, G. Baldwin 2, T. Parkins 2, Dbls 1) Bathford A 4 (A. Bolhuis 3, R. Bennett 1, B. Dearling 0)



Division 1

Ensleigh 3 (D. Hockney 1, P. Zhang 2) Frys 7 (C. Toft 3, P. Turner 1, F. Martin 2, Dbls 1)

Bathford B 8 (S. Chen 3, R. Gaisford 2, S. Phillips 3) Oldfield D 2 (G. Burridge 0, M. Newton 0, B. Neathey 1, Dbls 1)

Mayfield 1 (N. Woolley 0, D. Galley 1, S. Tanner 0) Yatton Keynell B 9 (R. Terrell 2, M. Terrell 3, S. Richardson 3, Dbls 1)

Batheaston A 4 (D. Townsend 2, R. Cotton 2) Bathford C 6 (J. Holding 1, J. Kashdan-Brown 1, L. Kashdan-Brown 3, Dbls 1)



Division 2

Oldfield E 7 (P. Harris 0, K. Walter 3, L. Bailey 3, Dbls 1) Batheaston B 3 (P. Gentle 1, C. Sharpe 1, M. Henry 1)

Bathford D 8 (J. Kashdan-Brown 2, L. Kashdan-Brown 3, R. Cole 3) Key Centre B 2 (S. Ruse 0, C. Chapman 0, D. Carter 1, Dbls 1)

Bear Flat B 7 (G. Oaten 3, K. Gammon 1, T. Floyd 2, Dbls 1) Yatton Keynell D 3 (A. Delaney 0, B. Sage 1, R. Portlock 2)

Radstock Wreckers 9 (D. Gamlin 3, S. Moss 3, D. Walker 2, Dbls 1) Chippenham D 1 (J. Maloney 1, A. Bridge 0, M. Entwistle 0)
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