Chronicle Report 17th Nov 2016

The first rounds of the team cup competitions were completed last week. Only a handful of ties took place in the KO Cup (for Premier Division teams) and the Restricted Cup (for lower division sides) but there was a full draw in the Handicap Cup.

The closest match in the KO Cup saw Bath Invaders A edge past Bathford B by five games to four at St John’s School. Gary Pell and Ray Hall both claimed pairs for the victors, and Simon Monks added the fifth game. Steve Husbands replied with a double for Bathford, with Ray Bennett and Chen Chen also on the score sheet.

The Bathford A team were more successful as they recorded a fine away win against Oldfield B. Albert Bolhuis led the way for the visitors with a hat-trick, and there were further wins for Bruce Dearling (2) and Jon Foulds. Paul Redman (2) and Jim Stevens won games for the hosts.

Last season’s Restricted Cup runners up, Ensleigh A, could only field two players for their away tie against Bathford C and lost 7-2, with Ping Zhang responsible for the two games. Colin Thomas was unbeaten for the home team, and Russell Cole and Julian Kashdan-Brown also picked up wins.

Last season’s Handicap Cup winners, Yatton Keynell B, started their defence of the trophy with a surprisingly comfortable 6-0 victory away to Key Centre B. Adam Dawes, Mark Terrell, and Jeff Flynn all won braces for the holders.

Oldfield B, who lost in last season’s final and won the cup a year earlier, exited at the first hurdle – beaten 6-3 away to Batheaston C from Division Two. Glenn Avery took the plaudits for the hosts with an excellent maximum and there were further wins from Joel (2) and Paul Adams. Paul Redman (2) and Jim Stevens replied for the Premier Division team.

The closest tie of the round in this competition saw Premier Division Bathford B overcome the handicaps to beat Second Division Bear Flat B 5-4 away. Ray Bennett and Leon Kashdan-Brown both won pairs for the visitors, with Steve Husbands winning the fifth game. Dave Naismith won two games for the lower ranked team, with Keith Gammon and Trevor Floyd winning one apiece.    



KO Cup

Bath Invaders A 5 (G. Pells 2, S. Monks 1, R. Hall 2) Bathford B 4 (R. Bennett 1, S. Chen 1, S. Husbands 2)

Oldfield B 3 (N. Dagger 0, P. Redman 2, J. Stevens 1) Bathford A 6 (A. Bolhuis 3, B. Dearling 2, J. Foulds 1)

Bristol Civil Service 1 (S. Tainton 0, A. Khan 1, I. Khan 0) Chippenham A 8 (T. Parkins 3, R. Cary 2, G. Baldwin 3)



Restricted Cup

Ensleigh B 1 (O. Newton 1, M. Upward 0, D. Turner 0) Oldfield F 8 (L. Bailey 3, M. Trotman 3, P. Harris 2)

Bathford C 7 (C. Thomas 3, R. Cole 2, Ju. Kashdan-Brown 2) Ensleigh A 2 (P. Zhang 2, D. Hockney 0)

Chippenham C 7 (P. Vincent 3, P. Bevan 1, A. Perham 3) Yatton Keynell C 1 (W. Adams 1, M. Wilkins 0, E. Lea 0)



Handicap Cup

Oldfield A 3 (R. Hindle 1, A. Champneys 2) Bathford C 6 (R. Gaisford 2, R. Wickham 3, R. Cole 1)

Yatton Keynell A 8 (K. Holland 3, S. Richardson 3, S. Eagles 2) Oldfield D 1 (G. Burridge 1, J. Taylor 0, M. Newton 0)

Key Centre B 0 (K. Milsom 0, C. Chapman 0, D. Carter 0) Yatton Keynell B 6 (A. Dawes 2, M. Terrell 2, J. Flynn 2)

Bathford D 3 (M. Davis 1, C. Case 2, E. Holding 0) Bear Flat A 6 (A. Steady 3, P. Gibbs 2, J. Hunter 1)

Batheaston B 9 (W. Avery 3, C. Sharpe 3, R. Cotton 3) Ensleigh B 0 (B. Rouse 0, R. Smith 0)

Bear Flat B 4 (K. Gammon 1, D. Naismith 2, T. Floyd 1) Bathford B 5 (S. Husbands 1, R. Bennett 2, L. Kashdan-Brown 2)

Bath Invaders B 1 (P. Jeffery 1, B. Taylor 0, H. White 0) Bitton 5 (A. Papier 1, M. Moore 2, C. Toft 2)

Batheaston C 6 (J. Adams 2, P. Adams 1, G. Avery 3) Oldfield B (N. Dagger 0, J. Stevens 1, P. Redman 2)

Oldfield E 7 (A. Porter 2, N. Porter 2, D. Rider 3) Radstock Working Men’s Club A 2 (D. Montano 1, K. Millard 0, C. Bennett 1)

Mayfield 2 (N. Woolley 1, D. Galley 1, R. Morris 0) Oldfield C 7 (W. Guibarra 3, S. Anandraj 3, D. Ashley 1)

Radstock Wreckers 3 (D. Gamlin 0, W. Button 1, P. Crocker 2) Yatton Keynell D 6 (B. Sage 1, M. Yelland 3, J. Dukes 2)

Key Centre A 3 (G. Harbour 1, M. Le Butt 1, M. Timpson 1) Batheaston A 5 (D. Townsend 2, G. Sartain 0, P. Smith 3)
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