Chronicle Report 20th Nov 2014

The latest round of league matches saw a number of “firsts,”
and unbeaten records falling. In Division 2 Bear Flat B recorded their first
ever win since their formation this year; a surprise 7-3 home win over
high-riding Oldfield E. Gary Oaten, Joe Wiley and Trevor Floyd claimed two wins
each for the hosts, who remain bottom despite the victory. Keith Walter’s
hat-trick, and success in the doubles, was not enough to keep the visitors in
the top two.

In the east of Bath village derby Bathford D came out on top
away to Batheaston B, by six games to four. Mark Davis, Cyril Case and Tony
Parr all carded doubles for “Ford,” but none of them could master man of the
match Norman Thomas.

In the Premier Division, champions Chippenham A lost for the
first time in well over a season, going down 6-4 against challengers Bathford
A. Albert Bolhuis (2) Matt Lloyd (2) and Ray Bennett claimed singles wins for
the victorious home side, whilst doubles from Terry Parkins and John Clifford
were the source of points for the visitors.

Oldfield A also slipped up for the first time this season -
losing 7-3 at home to Chippenham C. Scott Cooper took the honours for the
victors with a maximum, with Andy Cox also winning a game. Two-man Oldfield’s
points came from Mark Woodcock (2) and Dave Bartlett.

Newbridge claimed their first win of the season, beating
Bathford C 6-4, but still remain at the foot of the Division 1 table. Colin
Dowding starred for the hosts with a treble, and further games were won by Gary
Sartain (2) and Brian White (his first success of the campaign).

Westhill Lambs emphasised their promotion credentials by beating
Batheaston A 8-2 at home, with Andy Boucher claiming another hat-trick, and
Dave Montano and Keren Millard adding doubles. Ian Holbrook did well to win a pair
of games for the defeated away team.      



Premier Division

Oldfield A 3 (M. Woodcock 2, D. Bartlett 1) Chippenham C 7 (S.
Cooper 3, P. Bevan 1, A. Cox 2, Dbls 1)

Bathford A 6 (R. Bennett 1, A. Bolhuis 2, M. Lloyd 2, Dbls
1) Chippenham A 4 (T. Parkins 2, R. Cary 0, J. Clifford 2)

Oldfield C 2 (M. Kerslake 0, J. Stevens 1, N. Dagger 1) Key
Centre A 8 (K. Milsom 1, P. Galea 3, M. Le Butt 3, Dbls 1)

Chippenham B 3 (A. Perham 2, B. Taylor 1, P. Vincent 0) Yatton
Keynell A 7 (S. Richardson 1, J. Smith 3, S. Eagles 2, Dbls 1)


Division 1

Ensleigh 4 (C. Chapman 0, I. Clark 2, D. Hockney 1, Dbls 1) Oldfield
D 6 (M. Newton 2, B. Neathey 2, J. Taylor 2)

Bathford C 4 (J. Kashdan-Brown 1, R. Cole 1, R. Wallis 1,
Dbls 1) Newbridge 6 (G. Sartain 2, B. White 1, C. Dowding 3)

Westhill Lambs 8 (D. Montano 2, A. Boucher 3, K. Millard 2,
Dbls 1) Batheaston A 2 (D. Townsend 0, P. Smith 0, I. Holbrook 2)

Yatton Keynell B 6 (R. Terrell 2, M. Terrell 3, R. Portlock
1) Mayfield 4 (N. Woolley 2, E. Choo 1, R. Morris 0, Dbls 1)


Division 2

Bear Flat A 5 (A. Steady 1, J. Johnstone 1, M. Asanovic 2,
Dbls 1) Yatton Keynell C 5 (E. Lea 0, T. Payne 3, M. Wilkins 2)

Bathford E 10 (O. Teasdale 3, B. Jukes 3, E. Littlejohns 3,
Dbls 1) Bath Civil Service 0 (J. Skelton 0, R. Rice 0, D. Hogg 0)

Batheaston B 4 (C. Sharpe 0, P. Gentle 0, N. Thomas 3, Dbls
1) Bathford D 6 (M. Davis 2, C. Case 2, T. Parr 2)

Bear Flat B 7 (G. Oaten 2, J. Wiles 2, T. Floyd 2, Dbls 1) Oldfield
E 3 (M. Bishop 0, K. Walter 3, P. Harris 0)

Yatton Keynell D 8 (A. Dawes 2, J. R. Trubody 3,
J. Freeman 2, Dbls 1) Key Centre B 2 (D. Carter 2, D. Sanders 0, S. Ruse 0)
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