Chronicle Report 9th Oct 2014

In the Premier Division, newly-promoted Key Centre A kicked off the new season with an 8-2 home success against Yatton Keynell A, for whom Keith Holland and Shaun Eagles claimed a win apiece. New recruits Martyn Le Butt and Peter Galea (against his former team) recorded trebles for the hosts, with Ken Milsom beating Paul Drage to claim the other singles point. In the Oldfield derby, the C team beat their B team 6-4, with Nigel Dagger starring with a hat-trick, and Jim Stevens (2) and Mark Kerslake also contributing. John Higgs (2) and Dennis Coombe claimed singles wins for the B team, to add to the doubles success.

Newly-promoted (and re-named) Bath Invaders indicated that they will more than hold their own in Division One by defeating Batheaston A 8-2. John Bowers took the plaudits for the victors with an impressive maximum, and Steve Tainton and Simon Monks added two wins each. Batheaston’s two points were earned by Ian Holbrook. By comparison, fellow promotes Bathford C fared less well in losing 7-3 at home to Ensleigh, for whom Ping Zhang and Ian Clark both claimed trebles. Russell Cole, Richard Wickham, and Richard Wallis shared the points for the home team by all beating David Hockney.

In Divison 2 a strong looking Oldfield E beat Batheaston B 9-1 away to show that they could well be the team to beat this season. Lee Bailey and Brian Waller both claimed maximums for the visitors, with Keith Walter winning a further two games. The home team’s sole success was recorded by Norman Thomas. A young Bathford E team performed creditably in going down 6-4 to Bear Flat A, with Ethan Littlejohns the star with a fine hat-trick, and Oscar Teasdale also winning a point. For the victorious away team Mikhail Asanovic and Andrew Steady won two games apiece, with Justin Johnstone claiming the other singles point.


Premier Division

Bathford A 9 (R. Bennett 2, A. Bolhuis 3, M. Lloyd 3, Dbls 1) Chippenham B 1 (B. Taylor 1, P. Vincent 0, A. Perham 0)

Oldfield C 6 (M. Kerslake 1, J. Stevens 2, N. Dagger 3) Oldfield B 4 (J. Higgs 2, D. Coombe 1, M. Noel 0, Dbls 1)

Key Centre A 8 (M. Le Butt 3, P. Galea 3, K. Milsom 1, Dbls 1) Yatton Keynell A 2 (K. Holland 1, S. Eagles 1, P. Drage 0)

Division 1

Bathford C 3 (R. Cole 1, R. Wickham 1, R. Wallis 1) Ensleigh 7 (P. Zhang 3, D. Hockney 0, I. Clark 3, Dbls 1)

Mayfield 2 (N. Woolley 1, R. Morris 1, S. Tanner 0) Oldfield D 8 (G. Burridge 2, M. Newton 2, M. George 3, Dbls 1)

Yatton Keynell B 7 (R. Terrell 1, S. Richardson 2, M. Terrell 3, Dbls 1) Westhill Lambs 3 (D. Montano 2, C. Bennett 1, P. Crocker 0)

Bath Invaders 8 (S. Tainton 2, S. Monks 2, J. Bowers 3, Dbls 1) Batheaston A 2 (D. Townsend 0, P. Smith 0, I. Holbrook 2)

Newbridge 4 (G. Sartain 3, C. Dowding 1, B. White 0) Bathford B 6 (Chen Chen 2, C. Thomas 2, J. Truss 1, Dbls 1)

Division 2

Bath CS 6 (R. Rice 2, J. Skelton 1, D. Hogg 2, Dbls 1) Bathford D 4 (M. Davis 0, C. Case 3, J. Holding 1)

Bathford E 4 (O. Teasdale 1, Matt Le Butt 0, E. Littlejohns 3) Bear Flat A 6 (J. Johnstone 1, M. Asanovic 2, A. Steady 2, Dbls 1)

Key Centre B 6 (D. Carter 3, S. Ruse 0, M. Tanner 2, Dbls 1) Yatton Keynell C 4 (T. Payne 1, E. Lea 1, M. Wilkins 2)

Batheaston B 1 (C. Rudd 0, N. Thomas 1, C. Sharpe 0) Oldfield E 9 (L. Bailey 3, K. Walter 2, B. Waller 3, Dbls 1)

Nigel Woolley

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