2019-20 League results

 2019/2020 League results

As a result of the 'lockdown' there were a number of matches that remained outstanding. At the time of the lockdown it was decided to extend the cut-off date to 31 July in the hopes that there would be an opportunity to resolve the issue. Sadly this has not proved to be he case and the current restrictions will not allow any competitive games.

The SHAW league, like many others were in the same position, but 2 of their members  designed a mathematical methodology using probabilities to resolve the problem. This is known as the Sims/Walker model. We were able to use this system to create results for all the outstanding matches and so complete the season. We are very grateful to Matt Sims for his very valuable assistance in helping us do this.

Grahame Fernback has communicated the outcome to those team captains who had matches still to play. Please note that player averages have not been impacted. The final results for each Division are as follows:

Premier Division

Winners               - Exiles 1
Runners up         - Urban Fighters 1
Highest Average - James Hamblett (Urban Fighters 1)

Division 1

Winners               - Exiles 5
Runners up         - Stanmore 2
Highest Average - Mark York (Exiles 5)

Division 2

Winners               - Inception 2
Runners up         - Hadleywood 3 
Highest Average - Aarav Shah (Urban Fighters 2)

Division 3

Winners                - Stanmore 3
Runners up          - The Suburb 3
Highest Average  - Michael Walton (Exiles 9)

Division 4

Winners                - Exiles 12
Runners up          - Stanmore 5
Highest Average  - Raju Jobanputra (Exiles 14)

The Handicap competition resulted in three Divisions reaching the finals . It would be too complicated to predict the outcomes so we have declared all matches to be draws and trophies will be awarded accordingly.

The teams concerned are:

Division 2

Urban Fighters 2
E & BW 3

Division 3

Kidston 4
Exiles 10

Division 4

Exiles 12
Stanmore 5

Well done to everybody and we hope next season, starting on 5 October, is just as competitive. 

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