B&DTTA Vice-Presidents June 2018

When I was elected President some three years ago one of my first tasks was to write to Ex-Players, Ex-Officials and in some cases Current-Players to invite them to become Vice-Presidents of the Association and to ask for a donation of £10 per year which would help the great Coaching Academy which thrives today. We now have a total of 24 which raises our profile and includes Marie Aston who is a Lifetime Honorary Vice-President and we are very proud of her. I write to each one of them four times per year to keep them updated on what is happening. I personally would like to thank all of them for joining and staying on the list.


Les Chappell  (President)


List of current Vice Presidents:

Marie Aston (Honorary)   Paul Barnett,  Ray Bibby,  Lynne Bowen,  Peter Boyd-Leslie,  Gail Bragg,  Dawn Christian, Terry Cox,  Nigel Davies,  Bob Dunkin,  Ian Harrison,  Fred Inns,  Jim Jackson,  Dave Joyner,Bob Lawrence,  Katsu Nagahama,  Dick Peglar,  Roy Rigby,  Brian Rogers,  Mick Sabin,  Paul Saunders,  Matthew Sims,  Mick Steel,  Kevin Taylor.


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