BDTTA Vice-Presidents

Please see link below for a list of the current Vice-Presidents of the B&DTTA.

B&DTTA Vice-Presidents Sep2017

The B&DDTA would like to thank all our Vice-Presidents for their continued support. 

The Vice-Presidents idea was thought of by Robin Aston who asked me when I was elected President if I could implement it, I said  yes I would try. I wrote to 50 ex-players and officials to invite them  to be one and asked for a donation of £10 per year. I was disappointed with the first response but persisted and at the moment we have 20, including Marie Aston who is now a lifetime honorary Vice-President, and I know Robin would have been proud of that. I personally would like to thank all those who have joined and remain on the list and say your contributions help with the ongoing cost of running the Coaching Academy. I will continue to write to all of them three times per year to keep them updated on what is happening.


Les Chappell  (President)

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