We visit schools promoting table tennis by doing exhibitions with Team GB Olympians & Paralympians and run after school clubs.

What we do

Come in to do a FREE of charge exhibition with high ranked England players and pitch our ideas to the kids about a table tennis after-school club. 
Within the time allowed there will be a warm up, a chat on what the session will involve and the objectives of the session are, do the coaching session, match play, reflection time on how the session went, finally a cool down.

How will it benefit the children?

Introduces them into a sport which they may not have been fully involved in before. Trying something new.
Develop practical skills within the sport.
Open to all ages groups, disabled kids can get involved, boys and girls, weight or height does not matter.
It will help develop social skills within the kids. Participating with children from other years, different genders and different friendship groups.
It will also develop skills such as teamwork, encouragement to do better (no negativity), respect to the other players, listening and concentration skills when we’re explaining what will be happening in the session, Focusing skills (table tennis needs a lot of focus) and thinking skills (on how to outwit your opponent.)
Hopefully from doing this in table tennis, this could help and improve the children’s behaviour and attitude to learning in class.

How will it benefit you as a school?
If the skills from table tennis are taken over into lessons, then the quality of the children’s behaviour and work could increase even more than it is now.
Consequently ending up in an even better ofsted report, which then would raise the profile of your school. Concluding in more children’s parents wanting them to go to your school due to how good the report from ofsted was.
Having such equipment as table tennis tables, would open up opportunities within the community and could build a bigger bond with other primary schools. Could open doors by saying we could have a primary school tournament held at North Primary. This would raise the bond of primary schools within the Colchester community and would also raise the profile of the sport. This is our aim.

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