KO Cup 2014 - 2015 Fixtures and Results

1st Round to be played week commencing 12th January 2015

Westburn Warriors scr v Westhill Bees w/o

Hazlehead Hawks  0 v 5 Triangle Trio

CS Surfers 3 v 5 AU Eagles

Westhill Foxes 1 v 5 Triangle Swifts

CTM A 5 v 0 Triangle Raptors

Triangle Athletic 4 v 5 Triangle Eagles

RGU 3 v 5 Westburn Gashers

Triangle Tigers 5 v 4 AGS

Triangle Blades 3 v 5 Aircon Westhill

Shell Petrels 2 v 5 AU Falcons

Westhill Caesars 2 v 5 Nordan

Triangle Quattro w/o Shell Penguins scr

Byes : AU Harriers, CSI Aberdeen, CTM B, Westhill Demons

 2nd round to be played week commencing 16th February 2015


Triangle Eagles   5    v  1CTM A
AU Falcons          2v   5    AU Eagles
Triangle Quattro 1v  5Aircon Westhill
CTM B                  1
v  5
Westburn Gashers
Triangle Trio       2v  5AU Harriers
Westhill Bees      5v  1Westhill Demons
Triangle Tigers   1v  5Triangle Swifts
CSI Aberdeen      1
v  5

Quarter Finals to be played week commencing 23rd March 2015

AU Eagles 5 v 4  Westburn Gashers

Aircon Westhill  3  v  5  AU Harriers

Triangle Swifts 51 Westhill Bees

Nordan  2  v  5  Triangle Eagles

Semi Finals to be played week commencing 4th May 2015

AU Eagles  1 v  5  AU Harriers

Triangle Swifts  5  v   2  Triangle Eagles

Final to be played at ASV on Wednesday 13th May - 7.15 for 7.30pm start 

AU Harriers  5  v  4  Triangle Swifts

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